Thursday, April 28, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 28th Day


Starting with the crossed lines ...
On the side, my hand signs!
And a bit of background ...
Color all around,
Completing with a ground.
To stop here like Morse.
Lining in colors
To where all the strands grow,
All natural, but fair.
To where all the winds blow.
And last but not least: hair.
To make this painting fine.
Within every outline
Fill a colorful dose
Which almost out-of-sight.
To show which one is close,
The part that reflects the light
These groups of spaces bade.
The darkest of all shades,
All the folds and shadows,
The creases in this mesh,
For the eyes and the nose,
Different shades of flesh
And don't make those mere slips!
Then coloring the lips.
Life beyond affliction.
On two eyes that have seen
Intended reflection
In the middle of green.
For the blackness appeals.
Starting with the pupils,
Just right liquid can cling.
Don't make the canvas wet.
Preparing everything.
Taking up my palette
When this drawing's in line.
I don't need the crossed line
Where this drawing was born.
Erasing the first line,
In the best human form.
Marking out the outline
Pencil for a painter,
Picking up the darker
Don't make them like sickles.
Mimicking planted feet.
Go straight for the ankles,
Around the things and knees ...
Downward, don't just make pegs.
I go to both the legs.
Finishing this and then,
By the left it abides.
And repeat all of them.
Drawing the other side
To the waist and the things.
Going further downward
Where the armpit lingers.
Lining back in upward,
To the hands and fingers.
This drawing starts to grow ...
Reaching the elbow.
To the other shoulder.
I can't make this a wreck.
Sloping to the shoulder.
Just to go down the neck
Leaving it in the air.
Before I do the hair.
And both ears shall align,
So well-measured and fair.
Following the hairline,
And the forehead's up there.
Side of the face in sight.
The twin that is the right
Down to the chin, I hone.
The cheek my line goes fly!
To the gentle cheekbone,
From the side of the eye
... And the next line I take.
Erasing my mistake ...
Ruined by a mere slip!!!
The mouth is like a rose.
Finding the upper lip
Aligning, and they're fine.
Just feeling the hairs line.
Drawing I don't know how,
Babe, I never stop ...
Drawing the inner brow.
And leaving it all up.
The rising line goes by
Lining the inner eye,
And the spot for faces.
From where the neck outlines,
Measuring spaces
Starting with the crossed lines
Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the poetry prompt!
My Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 April progress: 32000
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