Friday, April 29, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 29th Day


I remember living in Project 4, playing all day,
Little homeschooling, meeting friends.
I remember the people, forcing my family
To sell them our house.
I remember my family fleeing.
I remember moving to Cavite,
Playing with friends, being homeschooled.
I remember the landlord arguing with my mom,
Him taking revenge on me instead,
And then putting the blame on me
To cover it up.
I remember my family running away in fear.
I remember becoming homeless,
And then moving to Barangka.
Being prepared for school,
But you were rarely on time,
So I became more homeschooled than ever.
I remember enrolling late.
Few books, wrong uniforms, and little supplies.
'Til they elected me president and made me school singer.
I remember being pulled out by my family,
'Cause the school was bad for me.
I remember our plumbing system
That grossed everyone out,
The next-door neighbor's merciless gossips,
And my mom's enemy
That made me less popular.
I remember doing my many hobbies,
Alone in my apartment.
I remember our debts growing
Because of you.
I remember downgrading to Payatas,
Where I spent my days reading, writing, studying.
I remember the violent landlady there,
Who caused us to flee
To my dad's house,
Where he sent us away
And we moved to Gwapotel instead.
I remember waiting in the food court or lobby
To check in at nights
Just to save what you give.
I remember being unable to continue that life
And asking Lolo Harold for help.
And Lolo Harold, instead, drove us to Antipolo,
Where there were no women,
The bathroom had no lock,
And our papers got stolen.
I remember my family fleeing from Antipolo
In total fright,
And staying with relatives,
Who kept sending us away,
And we can't even contact abroad.
The last resort was the waiting shed
In Villa Maria Clara,
Where the town leader offered the whole covered court
Just 'cause he was my mom's childhood friend.
I remember the day you finally helped,
And we started over in Gwapotel,
But a family member went missing!
I remember having to let go of everything
Just in search for her.
The waiting shed was the only place
Where she can find us.
I remember staying there, day and night,
Sunny and rainy,
Troubled and happy,
Just to help her.
I remember when the waiting shed got vandalized
And we couldn't sleep there anymore.
Had to stay in the covered court instead.
Going to Gwapotel a week each month
Only to recharge a little,
And then back to the search.
I remember finding her,
And when the people abroad finally heard of it all,
They sent help.
I remember staying in Gwapotel for a while,
Until a new tenant hated us so much,
And made up a story
That Gwapotel believed.
And they banned us.
And we moved to you ...
I remember living with you.
It was the best,
And always will be ...
But all good things end.
I remember moving to Bayanihan,
Where we started over again.
I remember discovering the Mobile Web
In my sister's hand-me-down cell phone.
Spending days building my blog.
I remember our first laptop,
Which I shared with my sister,
And my other sister,
And her friends.
I remember being bullied by authorities,
And getting in HUGE trouble for fighting back.
I remember my sister relocating us to IVC,
Where we couldn't live for long because of you again.
I remember moving to NIA.
I remember when the owner of the house changed,
And we didn't get along.
I remember moving to another house in the same neighborhood.
I remember when you got in the way of my life again,
And we finally learned to make up for your absence.
It felt good.
No matter how hard we worked, though,
We couldn't bear with the violent neighbors.
I remember getting sent away with the neighbors,
Homeless for the third time
For something I didn't start. Again.
I remember when you helped out again,
And we moved into Calderon.
I remember how my family and the helper disliked each other,
Until he unreasonably refused to let us stay,
And we moved to Mandaluyong.
I remember the life-threatening prices in Mandaluyong.
I remember leaving the place for no other reason than that,
And going here,
Where I spend too much time writing,
And no one ever leaves me alone.
Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the poetry prompt!
My Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 April progress: 36505
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