Saturday, April 2, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 2nd Day


Leader of our pack.
Though always chasing her,
For life always has lack,
Stories they still confer.
Maybe real, maybe lies.
It's over when he dies.

Like the time near sunset,
When all hues are darker,
Running away, she's set.
You don't hear her snicker,
For it runs through her veins.
Come here and hold the reins!

Like a lioness' charge,
Protecting her lil' cubs,
There's no time to recharge.
They don't see in the labs,
All these kinds of courage
And maybe even rage.

Like an Amazon's cry,
None of weakness or loss,
Their bravery she'll fry,
Because she is the boss
And you shall heed each word,
For she owns the house sword.

Looming over all us,
The size of castles tall.
Fear in every lil' lass,
Except her among all,
And so please include me,
For that ain't all I see.

Like the owl who said less,
She watches over you,
For when the sky did bless,
It's her who made it through
The sins and the darkness
To own all that prowess.

Oh, Judith, oh, the name ...
O lady warrior so,
Play the enemy's game.
Their main weakness you saw,
Coming back with his head
When the war has been dead.

Another Amazon,
Protecting, defending
In only one Luzon.
Miracles she's doing
Beyond my own belief,
All for our relief.

Shining like moonlit night,
Reflect curiosity.
There is goodness in might
And in that strawberry.
Mystical like no clue,
O how you make us blue.

Like a plant that withered,
Even before you grew.
In her arms so weathered,
O how your own soul flew.
You are this dream that ends
Whenever nighttime bends.

A gentle lamb obeys,
Maybe with every fear,
Or maybe with God's grace.
All the cities can hear
The gentle heart that speaks
In five days of the weeks.

Like an eagle sends signs
For us to win this war.
No to the dark designs,
For signs shine like a star.
Here's the way we shall be,
And one day, we'll be free!

Pretty, little rosebud,
Growing through all these years,
Though these thorns make you bad,
You can reject your fears,
For your shine will save you,
And this will help you through.

Earlier in the day,
When the sun is lowered,
She makes this life less grey.
Even when Earth showered,
She'll cast you her own light.
Even the small have might.

In the garden of worlds,
Where everybody grows,
Creating some more earths
In all the lines and rows
Without getting confused,
Only the more amused.

Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the poetry prompt!

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