Saturday, April 30, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 30th Day!

Red Flowers

Why halt the full growth of the plants?
In the growing and deep woods,
the emerging yellow in the buds?
Why take away the nutrients, and the huge sky?
For the judgment and hate form war
between sky and earth
And the wealthy plants
become brown
as men take revenge.

The boys and the girls in numerous
stories, where they die in bombs,
and massacre.

Life or death in the victorious path,
to be met by commands and rulership,
Going back to the beginning,
to repeat, to turn and turn into present.

Countryman, listen to your neighbor.
Within, same as you, same mercy.
Misunderstandings can be talked about, fixed,
reach one agreement of all to compromise
like true friends or siblings
My enemies, my friends, and you my friend.
Say together this chant that I made
and feel every part to make it real.

What brings life to this world,
and to the world beyond us?
What gives poets the things we know?
To write verse and understand?

Red flowers.
The growing trees.
The fulfullment of the world.

Special thanks to the NaPoWriMo team for this wonderful poetry prompt and for filling April with fun and endless creativity. You guys helped bring me back to writing poems quickly!

the poem I translated:
My Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 April project is finished and I'll be uploading my winner banner on Twitter and Facebook soon.
I called it my experimental project because this is my first NaNo project where I used the writing style that I had when I was 17-years-old. I was just reading my old writings and noticed that I seemed to have a clearer and better writing style when I was younger, when I was still not on the Internet and wasn't used to Internet expressions and wrong grammar. That is one of the reasons why my project this month is an experiment.
Other reasons for the project being an experiment is that I used a new word processor, used a different novel outlining style, used a new writing process, had days off on weekends, and had a different creative approach. I used to work all week, and I am writing this novel in the same manner that I created paintings when I was a teenager: I never show any part of it --- or talk about any part of it --- until it's fully finished.
I was doing these two NaNo project with a third, personal project while also studying. That was why I wrote only around 800 words per day instead of the required 1,600 words. I had to put aside all of the other tasks in mid-April, and this final week had me getting frantic to catch up. It was insane.
I'm just happy to take part in this wonderful event, happy with my cabin mates, and delighted to learn that the NaNo Word Sprints actually replies to participants' tweets. Thank you to the NaNoWriMo team for making this month a blast!
About my other NaNo projects, "10th Commandment" and "From the Human Chain" are still in the workshop and "Only the Good" and "Alter Ego" are still yet to be finished. Only fellow writers have read the first two for now (some of my friends have a copy of the first draft of "10th Commandment," but that was the worst version of the book, sorry). I am thinking of altering the plot of "Only the Good." I watched the movie only after coming up with the plot, so I cannot say that I based the book on "Unthinkable." They both have a terrorist who planted a series of bombs that were set to go off within the same day at different locations. I want to change the plot of the book to differentiate it from the movie.
Thank you for reading. I'm going to take a break from this blog until June. While I'm away, you can check out my graphic design e-store on Zazzle. I've designed Mother's Day gift products here back in 2013 and Mother's Day is just two weeks away from now. Also, you can drop by Barangka, Marikina City in the Philippines. We have a fiesta there every May 1. Have a nice weekend! :)
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