Saturday, April 9, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - 9th Day


Like an eternal blue,
Never ever changing,
My thinking you can't glue,
Like scent that is nothing,
Only blank and bare air.
O how you make me stare ...
Not because of my love,
But because I'm dying,
Frozen, like a white dove
In a lake that's freezing.
Most unheatlhy and still,
This is the way I feel ...
Like I feel anything ...
Now, I am simply blank,
Like noon in the shining,
Simple, straight, and so frank,
I'm beginning to fade,
It's too far to get laid.
Like beats that are too slow,
Never corresponding
With the way my thoughts grow,
Unsuitable to sing,
When I'm way too confused.
Oh, I feel so abused!
The world won't be that good
If we had such music,
We won't be getting food,
The tempo makes me sick.
Oh, songbirds might die
And don't even ask why.
Oh, manipulative
Colors of assortments,
Making the mind believe
In flavorful statements,
But one nip will reveal
What is painful and real ...
That they all taste the same.
Bleh! Why did I try?
For this life is a game,
Where you just make me cry.
Not because of heartbreak,
But because there's no brake
To all these happenings,
When none really happens.
But my heart still sings,
Like all the writing pens,
But in tunes of sadness
Of this quiet madness.
I should be mum no more
And speak up my own mind!
But you'll hurt to the core,
Or maybe you just might
Be offended by me?
But, baby, can't you see?
I'm bored to the bone!!!
There, you see, I said it!
Like little, hurtful stone,
I finally said it!
The true words I regret,
I'd rather keep secret ...
Oh, heavens, I said it!
It's enough punishment
To feel bad about it ...
For I have commitment ...
Still trying to be nice,
When there is nothing nice.
Thanks to NaPoWriMo for the dare, erm, poetry prompt! :)
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