Sunday, March 26, 2017

Books and Plans

Hi, welcome back! It's finally March! March is Women's Month, and it's also Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines. I spent this month working on improving and marketing my first book, "An Unknown Narrator."

"An Unknown Narrator" was first published only in print format. I made it available in ebook format a few years back, but there was a problem with its table of contents. This month, I fixed the table of contents problem. I have also designed its new cover (I am a graphic designer when I'm not being a writer). I am now waiting for the confirmation that it's approved for distribution in iBooks and Nook. I will soon be making it available on more than 10 other stores, including Kindle and Kobo.

The book is about a young stage actress, the popular kids in her school, and an anonymous person who was writing about all of them. The last person was the unknown narrator.

As of this moment, it is currently available only in ebook format on LuLu.

I currently have 13 book projects. They became 13 because I kept participating in the NaNos. I never published any of my projects there. I never published my NaNo projects because they often ended up being longer than 50,000 words. The ones that I finished within 50,000 words needed to be edited, and I never had the time for editing a whole book. Also, I tend to get depressed by the characters in certain book projects. I escape to side book projects for a bit of a break. This year, I am going to try to make time for each of these book projects.

When I finish fixing everything about "An Unknown Narrator," I will work on "From the Human Chain" next. I postponed the publication of "10th Commandment." I can't publish "10th Commandment" with the current situation in my country.

While I'm preparing my current books, I'm also managing my Channillo series. My Channillo series, "My Poetry," showcases the poems that I write every day. I write 2 poems every day and I publish them live on Channillo.

For the coming month, April, I will be participating in 2 writing events. They are Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 April and NaPoWriMo 2017.  I usually participate in NaPoWriMo via this blog, but I want to do it via my Channillo series this year. I will still check if participating in NaPoWriMo via Channillo is allowed.

For Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 April, I will be writing a story that I started early this year. It has the working title, "Holland." It is my 13th book project and it's about an actor who has a gruesome secret.

About my poems ...

My laptop is getting problems after an update, so I got scared of inserting anything to my laptop. I don't want to insert my flash disk into it yet. So I still can't view my poetry collection and take my old poems. So for this month, I published my recent poems.

I wrote "Get Ready for a Rainy Day" on February 6, 2017. It's about making things okay while you can. It is about both work and relationships.

I wrote "Hibernation" before going to sleep. I wrote it on February 9, 2017. All the words fell into the perfect places, though. I ended up creating a poem that completely reveals one of my personality traits.

"Trapped" is about seeming okay, but feeling that something wrong is going on. I wrote it on February 27, 2017. I was feeling burned out from work when I wrote it.

That's all for now. See me again!
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