Sunday, April 16, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 16: A Letter From Outer Space

Dear Whole Humanity,
I feel so lonely now.
How can you still believe,
From the north to the south,
With your full atmosphere,
Ocean waves that draw near

Green trees that breathe your air,
And every animal,
When the weather is fair,
Or when sun's minimal?
With all of your neighbors,
And cruise ships in harbors.

Ah, it must feel so good
To hold his hand in mine,
Sitting on a bench of wood,
Near each other and fine.
Just sitting very close,
Connecting like all those

People around your world,
In pairs and families.
I wish you won't get cold;
Not a moment I'll miss,
If you let me join you
Under your skies of blue.

All I ask is simple:
To live the way you do,
Feel your every dimple.
If you won't make me go,
I'm sincerely yours then,
Your Far, Friendly Alien.

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