Monday, April 17, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 17: Eros

Shadowy waves on shores
As the dark tide rises
And the crocodile soars
Waiting still, motionless.
Reptile eyes are staring
For preys that go walking.

Beyond the beaten path,
Where rocks cover moonlight,
Where the sleeping crocs bath,
Beneath each stalactite,
As the dark, deep cave breathes,
Chilling the snake that writhes.

Out into the silver
Light of the rounded moon,
Shining like a lover
Sings songs and makes you swoon.
Shining for years, decades,
For not real beauty fades.

Wander into the trees
That dance to the music
Of the leaves and the seas,
The grass that the snakes seek,
The bamboos that don’t break.
In noise, no one will wake.

There’s a hole in this ground
Where those who have fallen
Were never ever found.
It’s written by a pen,
But never seen by eyes,
Not even last goodbyes.

Welcome to the wild night,
Playing on the senses,
Confusing in its flight,
Fighting in kind of mess
That nobody can read,
But the whole world still need.

It can hide and evade,
Forever elusive,
High-powered and high-grade
Limited and exclusive
Darkness and secrecy.
Asleep are those who see.

Or it can just reveal,
Bright beyond a big star,
In contrast and with a zeal,
Fighting in a great war
Are the floodlight and night.
But hidden still in white.

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