Saturday, April 1, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 1: The Lost Sheep

Welcome to April! It's finally the National Poetry Month again! I delight in this month of total creativity. I'm blogging live again. We are starting with my entry for today.

My NaPoWriMo Entry

The NaPoWriMo site finally created an early-bird poetry prompt for Eastern poets. I am on the other side of the world, so this new style is helpful to me. It is wonderful that they finally provide poetry prompts to poets who are in a different time zone.

The poetry prompt for this day is a haibun. It has a funny-sounding name. It makes me think of a loaf of Japanese bread. It is actually a poetry form that combines a piece of prose with a haiku. The description that the NaPoWriMo website gave suggests it is usually metaphorical.

I made mine metaphorical. It is actually about one of my stalkers. I like writing about my enemies. Because writing is about many perspectives. I train my ability to write in many perspectives by writing about people who hate me. My earliest poem about a stalker was "A Demon Behind My Steps."

I based my poem on several works. My poem mentions a scene from "The Way of the Eagle" by John Arcovio. It is that scene when the lead eagle dived down to catch a rabbit. His eyes were so focused on his prey, that he did not notice the rabbit was behind a barbed wire. He hit the barbed wire and he hung upside-down there for the whole day, unable to break free. His mate found him and fed him. It was one of my fave books, even though it had no dialogue and highly scientific.

My poem also borrows a term from the Catholic Bible. "Lost sheep" describes people who are bad. The Bible describes them as lost and needing guidance. "Sheep," in my poem, also refers to the Chinese zodiac sign. Because my stalker is a Sheep.

The Lost Sheep

The blue skies are invaded by black clouds and lightning. Soon, the bright day becomes a dark night. The eagle chases his food on the ground, not seeing the trap. Powerful waves slam on rocks, turning them into the sand. The sheep wanders far, until he's lost.

Come, take the right road,
And follow the lighted path,
For your sins are forgiven.

The Blog

I redesigned my blog. I have been dreaming of redesigning it since 2015, but it is only now that I succeeded at it. My web badges are now complete and in order, and there is finally an About the Author area. I plan to add more elements soon.

Camp NaNoWriMo

Here is an embarrassing confession: I haven't started my entry for Camp NaNoWriMo yet. I spent this whole day procrastinating over only this blog post. I will try to dive into my revision of "Holland" head on tomorrow. It is my first anti-hero story. It's fun to think from the villain's point-of-view, but it kinda alters my mind. It makes me need plenty of writing breaks.

"An Unknown Narrator"

My first book is now available on several publishing outlets. I will provide the links when I get more time. I worked on the publications all March while doing my job and the maintenance of this blog.

Thank you for reading and again, welcome to April!
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