Saturday, April 15, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 15: Pick Up Where You Left

As soon as life begins,
Everything moves forward
In all possible means.
There is not a reward
For who gets there fastest,
For this is all a test

Toward the next level,
For the past has ended.
It is destroyed. Revel
Over all the jaded,
For you have made it here.
Don’t be challenged by fear

When things go to nothing,
When the sun goes down there,
When everything’s falling,
When all things turn unfair,
When it only gets worse,
And when your voice gets coarse.

Because you are still here
And the clock keeps turning.
The past you can still hear,
Everything you’re learning
From every fall and loss.
Stop listening to those

Who say it’s gonna end,
Who say this is your fate,
For whoever has penned
The ending didn’t wait
To see the last result.
Must have been an insult.

Because you are still here
And all the time you’ve spent
Worrying, wallowing;
All the time can be spent
Making it all better.
Don’t you wait for later.

This is the point in life
To continue living.
Forget about their strife,
You gotta keep moving,
For it hasn’t ended,
And you are just not dead.

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