Tuesday, April 4, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 3: Sleep

I was busy all day with my family (it's my late brother's birthday) and busy all night working on an article. I didn't even get to work on my mind map! Such a panic-worthy situation!

Anyway, today's poetry prompt is recipes. I should write a poem that's inspired by a recipe. My recipe poem is the recipe for sleep ... because I just wanna sleep. Goodnight, world!


Cool down the evening winds.
Hide the sun behind slopes.
Slow the movement of minds.
Strengthen the hungry hopes.
Shut the other senses.
Also, shut the fences.

Bury face in pillow,
And a thick, warm blanket.
Make the cushion go low,
And be heavy and late.
Let go of all worries,
The crazies, and scaries.

Check after ten minutes
Sweet dreams behind the bricks,
And stop the conscious leaks.

Sprinkle with the tiredness
That's cut out from a day
Of endless busyness.
And add another way,
A hope for a new dawn,
Then freeze until not brown.
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