Thursday, April 6, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 5: How Much Do You Cost?

Today's poetry prompt is an enigma poem. The recent poetry prompts of NaPoWriMo are making me celebrate because those are my faves. When I started out as a poet at the age of 19, I wrote only elegy poems. That was yesterday's poetry prompt.

My poetry entry yesterday was about my late brother, Clarence. It's such a coincidence because his birthday was on the other day. I used one of the discussions in HarvardX to create the poem. It was the discussion about female lament. We discussed how, when women lose someone to death, they feel anger. They feel left alone. When men lose someone to death, they feel regret. I intentionally filled yesterday's poem with anger and a bit of blame.

I also used stories from my relatives and neighbors about Clarence. "I feel I need to hurry home to feed him, and then I realize he's been dead for years."

"I always smell the flowers from his funeral on his birthday."

"I always sense that there's another person in the family, but I'm always unable to find him."

"Hey, Charlene! I saw you walking here last night. You were walking with a boy. Do you have a younger brother?"

Nah, I wasn't with a boy that particular night. I was walking alone and I'm sure there was no one around. I so hated company at that age.

The poem also includes a sentence that Clarence said in one of my strangest dreams, "He will never stop, until he kills you." He was talking about my stalker. Yes, my stalker did keep stalking even after 1 year after the dream. Even though I have yelled and cursed at my stalker to stop stalking, the stalker still keeps stalking.

I do enigma poems a lot that, when the NaPoWriMo website gave enigma as a poetry prompt, I made my new enigma poem more complicated than usual.

This poem is about all of you. It's inspired by a cool man who I met this afternoon. It was a hilarious conversation and I was laughing long after that, telling people about it until they got annoyed at me because I couldn't stop laughing. I made the poem around the topics in a HarvardX discussion on "How much does a human life cost?" We discussed it in Literature at around that part in the reading of the "Iliad" when Agamemnon promised Achilles all kinds of chariots and women just to bring Achilles back to war. I just think that it's important for each of us to ask ourselves what we think we're worth. Are the things we're doing really worth what we want?

How Much Do You Cost?

For how long does it take
To create one poem
That is never so fake,
But a real and full gem
That will inspire your heart,
Then you'll breathe your own art?

And how much does it take
For a deathly emblem
To be crafted for sake
Of the greed of all them
That wants power on all
By making all else fall?

What do you represent?
Things you're made of assent
To the meaning you meant?

So how much does it cost
To give your everything
When everything is lost,
To go on, keep holding,
Even when there's no one,
Even when it's all done?
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