Sunday, April 2, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 2: Where Am I?

Poetry Entry

Today, the NaPoWriMo website challenges us to write a Kay-Ryan-esque poem. This poetry type is inspired by the poems of Kay Ryan. They have short, tight lines.

I wanted to write a certain poem today. The kind of poem I wanted to write would look better in a poem that has long lines. It looks okay in the short lines, though.

I wanted to write a poem about both of the movies, "A Cure for Wellness" and "Get Out." It's about that situation when what you know and see are far different from what a person is telling you.

Where Am I?

Where am I?
The flashbacks
Keep flashing.
Is it why
I am back
And wishing
I can fly
And not stuck
In this thing?
When I cry,
They just whack.
They're telling,
They deny,
And they flock
To this thing.
While I die
On my back,
I'm hearing
Their whole lie
On this rock.
I'm fleeing
To get by
And to duck
In the wing.
Tell the guy,
Though he mocks.
I'm swelling,
My mouth dry,
My mind's hacked.
I defy
To fight back,
But nothing.
Tell me why
I am back.
Where am I?

The Movies

When I first saw the trailer of "A Cure for Wellness," I freaked out because I thought that those were snakes. In that scene where Lockhart was given a water therapy, I was freaking out in my chair. I was screaming, "What are those?! What's that?! Yuck! It's gross!" I was watching it with my family.

We noticed by the end, though, that the creatures don't move quite like snakes. I realized they were just eels, and it made me less scared of the movie. I love their lookalikes, the electric eels. I once said on Facebook that, if I were to turn into an animal, I'll choose to be an electric eel. Their electric abilities are cool. Zzzap!

I think "A Cure for Wellness" was written to show snakes swimming with hospital patients. I guess somebody pointed out, "That's impossible. Snakes don't swim around people in enclosed areas without attacking." Maybe the filmmakers didn't want to make it too wild. So they chose similar animals for the movie, hoping the eels will have the same freak out factor as snakes. Anyway, we did not finish the movie because my family got bored.

"Get Out," on the other hand, is so scary. I don't even know what to say about it.

Camp NaNoWriMo

I still haven't written anything for Camp NaNoWriMo, because I'm busy building a mind map. I'll catch up when I finish the map. I can write 8,000 words in one day anyway (Camp NaNoWriMo requires roughly 1,500 words per day to win).

That's all for today. See you again tomorrow!
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