Friday, April 7, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 6: The End of Ends

Oh, I love my poetry entry today. I just have to say it. The NaPoWriMo website asked us to write a poem that's about a part of Nature that we are familiar with. I am so familiar with storms. I actually spent the whole day of Typhoon Haiyan outdoors. The way the wet winds swirl, the flying debris ... I'm so familiar to all of it. The NaPoWriMo website did not specify that we write abstract poetry, so I kept my own style in my poetry: turning Nature into people. I described this storm as an angry person.

It is easy to do because, when you stand in the middle of a powerful storm, you'll get the feeling that Nature is angry at people for filling it with garbage. It's like a human who has totally lost it, and goes wild by destroying anything it can get its hands on. In Tagalog, "nagwawala."

The End of Ends

To stand in your anger
Makes me feel so tiny
Because any danger
Can cut the life of me.
Chance as thin as a thread,
Collapsing like wet bread.

Can I hope against hope
That I can stand right here
Against your power? Nope.
More than the creeping fear
Is the truth that you can
Sweep me away today.

A day that is evening.
With your sigh, they all break
And the woods are weeping.
The howling sounds they make
In their dread of your steps.
Not any panic helps.

Are you scarier when
You speak how  you're feeling,
Or when you're so silent?
In the blackout, lurking.
Whistling through the branches.
Creeping on the ranches.

When you open your mouth
To release all your wrath,
The direction goes south,
And every aftermath
Is racing aimlessly
Through the air so quickly.

They're flying in panic,
They could almost hit me.
And the shelter I seek
Gets torn into a sea
Of all your angry tears
That collected through years.

Years of bearing with us,
Our designs, habits,
And wiles like a young lass,
Corrupted by his beats,
And playing by the rules
Of intelligent fools.

Forgive us for these sins,
For this is just the world,
Someone loses, someone wins
Since the ages of old.
Please be patient with us,
Bring back the thing that was.

For there'll be no buildings,
There'll be no underground,
There'll be no more beauty,
Gone will be every mound
That proves this history
And makes every story.

But nobody can stand
Against your strong anger.
We are all just one band
Under your wet dagger.
We're equal in the end
In tragedy you send.

While you're running amok,
Destroying in your wake,
Unstoppable like rock
In the form that you make,
Sweeping everything wet,
For your decision's set.

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