Friday, April 7, 2017

NaPoWriMo, Day 7 (Part 2): Next, Please

I have been falling behind in NaPoWriMo because I used the early-bird prompt. So I am creating two poems today to catch up. The prompt for today is writing a poem about luck and fortuitousness. They asked us to create lists in preparation for the poem. Here is my list.

1. Random objects: bottle, bag, pillow
2. Random but specific locations: in front of my desk, on my bed, on my chair
3. Objects I've lost and a few notes on their back-story: My previous home. I lost the place on the night of my birthday when the whole neighborhood went on fire after an accident in one of my neighbors' houses. Also, a toy shark I had when I was a child. My family had an emergency at that time. We rushed to the hospital after reporting to the police. I forgot where I put my toy shark and I never found it again.
4. Objects I have found and a few notes on their back-story: My current home. The fire in my previous home happened on December 27, and we were left without a home after that. My family drove from place to place in search of a new home for the rest of December 29, and we chose this place among all of the other places. This new home was supposed to be only for a temporary stay, but it's starting to feel comfortable in here. Also, a refill for my fave pen. I have a fave pen that I just don't want to replace, but it has run out of ink. Local bookstores recently started selling refills for my pen, and I'm so happy about it.

I find it amazing how the instructions from the NaPoWriMo site helped me to create a poem about fortuitousness. It also helped me let go of the horrors of the past and realize how I've been making it, and that I've truly been making it. I have been finding it easy to finish tasks quickly lately. Whenever I finish a new task, the only thing on my mind is, "Next, please." That's why I gave this poem that title.

Next, Please

A pillow on my chair
Burning on my birthday.
Ablaze is the night air,
Houses and debris lay
In burning neighborhood.
Fire blasting every wood.

Rushing out on four wheels
To let the police know.
My beloved fate seals
To let the doctor know,
But I will never find
The friend I left behind.

Finding a place to sleep
After all sleepless nights,
After driving down steep
And up stairs in flight
With the time we have left
Before this year is swept.

So am I still okay?
For I am still breathing,
It's a beautiful day,
And I am still eating.
One good day at a time,
Improving in each rhyme.

It's now okay to stay
Where there are lots of ink
And on my bed I lay.
Have slept more than a wink.
Good morning to the right.
Moving forward to write.

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