Tuesday, April 11, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day 10: Seriously, She's Funny

Even crabs have their shells
Like shelters near mountains,
The ones near the old wells.
Roofs covering the rains,
Casting shadows over,
Breaking open never.

Do you know what still lies
Within the dark abyss?
As the water spring flies
In the wells that we miss
During the hot summer
When you pause and stammer

For the water is gone
And there is nothing left,
You'll think that life is done
As all the children wept.
Then the sky breaks open,
The waters it will send.

To the hungry, longing
Hearts of every human.
Were you imagining
All you and every man,
That the world was this kind?
Always falling behind.

In the world of revenge
Is forgiveness and love.
Behind the heat of rage,
Is a moment we can have
Beneath the warm red leaves
Of a tree that believes.

In the slanting of sun
And the colors of gold
Cast by artists in fun,
Artists who are so bold
That they hide in the winds
And see whoever sinned.

But there's calm in the woods
As they embrace softly.
Gone are all of the moods,
Left are all things lovely,
Intoxicating grapes,
You won't sense any hate.

And then the gloom. The end.
It comes just so quickly,
It'll make your sorrow bend
To find very quickly
Where it had fallen from.
Still, cold winter has come.

It's endlessly chilling
Unfeeling feet and toes.
In the darkness, it's fading,
The sun, the one who knows
The great warmth of the past,
The days that didn't last.

But the snow sparkles on
Though blanketing the world.
It will keep going on
Like crystal balls of old,
Predicting everything,
And just predicting spring.

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