Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Little Villain

In dark woods of my mind,
He prowls for new victims,
On trail, never behind,
Never to joining teams,
For he's the best alone,
A dark silhouette, lone.

All my love, all my light,
In the form of lil' girls
He kills despite their might,
Feast on their twirling curls,
Like my reclining self,
Total pain of no help.

Though he sings my sorrow,
He challenges anger,
My goodness he can throw,
He puts me in danger,
And he follows my scents,
Unfearing of the saints.

Living on his deep grudge,
I forbid him to budge
Because I am the judge.

Shaded in his own world,
Gazing into my light
For a chance to be lord
Of my words and my might.
For his time, wait he will,
Ready for his next kill.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Dear Mr. Flash Gordon,
It's been a hot evening
More in the clothes I don
In wooden walls shaking,
And the smell of burnt food,
Seeping through the brown wood.

Tell me all the secrets,
Ones you would never share,
All of your past regrets,
And I'll make you aware
Of the great mess I'm in,
Every shame, every sin.

When living crazy lives,
With crazy pals besides,
Where your heart resides.

It pays to have a friend
To cry with and to share,
To inspire to no end,
So we are both aware
We are not alone through
Letters of me and you.