Sunday, October 29, 2017


There is a will that lies
Hidden behind the truth,
Intelligence denies
The likes of a well-trained sleuth,
It's concealed in plain sight,
In feigned weakness hides might.

I could fall and perish,
Defeated by numbers,
Down, but they still punish,
With soil lives my embers,
I have lost everything,
Like a stone on a sling.

Somehow, I am still here,
And everything comes near,
Grabbing me out of fear.

Everything I don't have,
The power I don't own,
Even my one, lost love,
Where my hatred had grown,
The shame and regret dies,
My power's in your eyes.

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mad, Mad Mess: The Comeback

In all of these four years,
Nothing has ever changed,
Amidst the doubts and fears,
The fiery flames have raged,
There was trust and friendship,
We were a makeshift ship.

Nothing has changed with me
In the wildest of hours,
When he won't set me free,
By his words, by his words,
The story did not end,
Even though the twists bend.

For I learned something more,
Things I don't know before,
But was said in their lore.

The truth lies in the heart
Of the person who speaks,
Creating in her art
With a longing that seeks,
For something I now have:
I know nothing of love.

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Yellow, brown, and dark green,
In the sun, you're brighter
On the field where you're seen,
Silence that can cater
Whenever you are heard,
Sweetness that can afford
To inspire when you're smelled,
Your friends might be as sweet
When they would have been held.
Instead, they the chickens eat!
You're soft, gentle, and weak,
You are the feeling I seek.

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Things I Learned

To be an author, you have to study a course in Liberal Arts like Literature. There are lots of courses that you can study to become an author. The internet also has loads of articles that teach you how to promote your books, finish writing a book quickly, and blog your way to success. Still, there are things in being an author that you will have to learn on your own. In my eight years of working as an author, here are the top four things I learned on my own. I learned them little by little, with each year and each publication.

Write, write, and write.

They say that everybody’s a writer these days. They also say that it’s easy to be an author these days. Because you have writing programs like Scrivner. Because you no longer require loads of papers and ink to get a book published, and you only have to carry around a thin device called a laptop or tablet. You have the Worldwide Web, which breaks physical and time-related obstacles to help you quickly meet publishers and connect with readers. Still, past or present, the job hasn’t changed much if you take it full-time. Your success is dependent on the same thing: word counts.

Learn to say "no."

Once you establish yourself as an author, you will be flooded with lots of offers. Publishers will be asking you to publish through them. Other writers will be asking for collaborations. The friends you gain in the writing field will be inviting you to join writing events with them. Also, the ones who have helped you go where you are will be asking for help in return. As a new writer, it’s exciting to get so many offers. The initial tendency is to take all of them. You are only human, though, and you have to take into consideration that saying "no" once your schedule is full is better than being unable to deliver on your promises.

There's a limit to the customer being right.

Being an author these days is also being a businessman. You can’t be a recluse and hide in your study to keep writing books. You have to stay in constant contact with your readers and maintain a long and happy friendship. One can’t escape the possibility of encountering bullying, though, especially on the internet. I haven’t yet pinpointed the right time when one should cut all contacts with an abusive reader, but you can sense it when someone has crossed normal reader/writer boundaries. Meeting one of them made me understand the story of Stephen King’s “Misery” really well.

Be good to yourself.

Being an author has harsh side effects. You spend long hours sitting on a chair, staring at a bright computer screen and lost in a world that you are vividly creating. When you are not working, you get the habit of looking for things around you that you can use in your story. These are productive habits that are also good mental exercises, but doing them too much can make you a dull boy. Try to sleep at the right time and wake up at the right time. Try to eat enough food. Spend quality time with your loved ones, including your cat. Enjoy the simple joys of life.

I’m writing this to help new writers know what awaits them. I want them to not go into the pitfalls and dead ends I’ve been through. So consider these your writing cheats, fashioned after the gaming cheats that gamers post online and on YouTube for new gamers to win.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Top Fave Free Web-based Tools

Hi again, everyone. It is amazing how many tools are available on the internet right now.

Being an author isn’t just about researching and writing anymore. You have to market your own book and do it quickly. Sometimes, one day isn’t enough to do all marketing, especially when you have slow internet. Some social media sites take a long time to load. I had to keep a list of social media websites to visit, what to do at each site and so on when I was promoting my works.

Young writers are advised to make their families their first readers, but most of my relatives often missed my posts because they live in the United States and we had different time zones.

This is why all these tools are extremely helpful. (These are my opinions only and I am not working for these sites.)


HootSuite is a social media management tool. It’s accessible on all devices. I stopped using it last year because I got too busy to spend hours scheduling tweets, so these details apply only to HootSuite in its status in 2016.

  • You can answer messages in different social media accounts from one page
  • You can tweet, retweet, favorite, and post
  • You can schedule tweets, retweets, and posts
  • You can manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress, and more. You can even manage your Facebook Page
  • You have to pay to manage more of your social media accounts
  • You can’t post on Blogger
  • You can’t schedule Facebook shares, Twitter favorites, and Blogger posts

Twitterfeed (closed)

Twitterfeed is now closed. I used it through my PC. I avoided using it through my touchscreen tablet because I might delete something by accident.

  • It automatically shared my blog posts to my social media accounts
  • It tended to stop sharing my blog posts, making me log in to make it work again
  • It doesn’t exist anymore is also a social media management tool. Before Twitterfeed closed, they sent me an email to ask me to move to So far, I’ve been accessing only through my PC, so I don’t know if it’s accessible from all devices.

  • You can use it to manage multiple social media accounts
  • It automatically shares your blog posts to your social media accounts
  • Unlike Twitterfeed, I don’t have to log in from time to time to keep it sharing my blog posts on social media because it doesn’t quit as long as I don’t make it quit sharing my blog posts
  • I haven’t tried this feature yet, but I read it can also schedule posts on several social media sites


RoundTeam retweets tweets for you. I have been accessing it through my PC only.

  • It retweets on its own for you
  • You can make it retweet only tweets from certain Twitter accounts, tweets on certain topics, etc.
  • It sometimes retweets certain tweets I don’t like, making me schedule a day in each of my weeks for unretweeting some retweets

Now, I can access all of my social media accounts from one page and don’t have to waste time waiting for each social media site to load. My posts get published at the right time even while I’m asleep. My blog posts also get shared on my social media pages. You can also use these tools to do your book marketing faster, or if you’re not an author, for your other promotions.