Sunday, January 28, 2018


Try to continue life,
Even though they throw stones,
Threaten you with a knife,
Don't you look at the drones,
The crowds that pull your beard,
Ignore although it's weird.

Keep on walking in pain,
With the bruises they give,
All the glory they gain,
All you do is forgive,
What is the difference
Between good and stupid?

For the Bible said so.
I shall not intervene,
But please, lend me an ear.

You have only two cheeks,
What happens on the third?
Your story only reeks
With what is overheard.
For Moses led some wars,
You can't live without force.

I'm not saying you leave
The path that is lighted,
Continue to believe,
But be concentrated
On what is wrong, what is right,
What is weakness and might.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Goldfish

A skin meant for swimming,
Fins that flip in water,
Eternally looking,
In a color better,
Than the popular stone,
Pleasantly not fully-grown.

But if you laugh at her,
For not having your legs,
Never walking, ever,
Swimming water that eggs
Not close enough to land,
A silly tail like wand.

O her days will be dark,
Nothing can ever spark
Her little, shameful heart.

For she can't walk like you,
She can't leave her water,
O has no hair like you,
She doesn't feel better,
Though she's meant to swish
As the little goldfish.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Dragon

Screaming, running of feet,
Slashing sounds of their swords,
In the air of panic,
In the war of the lords.
There are no more children,
No beautiful women.

Just enemies to kill,
Tearing down their pillars.
Gods, worship we will,
But in years of these wars,
They have torn you down, too,
And then she made it through.

Patterns of moving scales,
A jaw flexed in anger,
And ready to breathe fire.

Flames chasing enemies,
Now in their own panic,
Chasing them out so swift,
Without the win they seek,
Out of our tall wall,
And it will never fall.