Sunday, March 25, 2018

Good Morning

Cold winds biting my skin,
And in this vast darkness,
Hollow sounds blowing in,
Although wrapped in my dress,
I shiver in the cold,
But I will stay and hold.

Bottom of the abyss,
Freezing my blood within,
Ignorant, icy breeze,
Eating pieces of sin,
That I've made in the past,
While I struggle to last.

I can bear with the cold,
In every age of old,
On to you, I will hold.

As long as there'll be you,
Sending your warmth ahead,
Rising and shining through
Peaks of rocks overhead,
When I see you again,
You'll warm me 'til the end.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

He's More Than Hair

He's human with real flaws,
But genius more than me,
Shining mind like his curls
More than what you can see,
Thoughts deeper than dimples,
But still o so simple.

I met him in the park
And judged him instantly,
For he was cool and far
From the books that I've seen,
All of the girls loved him,
For that, I hated him.

Wait 'til you know someone
Through the boredom and fun,
Then talk out in the sun.

That I wish I had known
Right before speaking out,
Before I put him down,
For he's the greatest now,
The man poems can have,
He's my almost lost love.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Trying so hard to count
In all of the right ways
Because they count out loud
Without a thought of grace
Someday, someday, I'll win
As I sleep when lights dim

Forgiving their judgments
Riding to all the waves
Of the health and ailments
Of this career that saves
My one, true future dream
Although still far it seems

But there's a glow in me
It's growing to burst free
And its power will flee

And I can't keep myself
From shouting out to you
All stored words from the shelf
To ward off the dark blue
Just saying what I mean
To show you the real scene

For it is beautiful
Like the old days of youth
Like goodness in your heart
That stays when you see art
This is my gift to life
This is my worth in life.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


He works with stupid boys,
He walks with skinny legs,
He wears the silly clothes,
He's standing on the edge
Of the overrated
And the constipated.

For labels cover you,
The strong ones try to own
Someone who's not yet through
The whole, witnessing town.
He carried all their names
And played all of their games.

I forgot about him,
For everything they seem,
And his whole, stupid team.

But I can still be wrong.
This man knows things I don't
And it will not be long,
"Til the people I won't
Bring to win will fail
In this man's winning tale.