Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Good morning, my old friend,
Thank you for the welcome.
I settle down this bend,
Where I have always come
To seek your protection,
Receive your affection.

But, please, don't receive them.
They will do anything
In exchange for a gem.
Traitorous and singing
In exchange for money.
And their crimes are many.

Like a lazy woman
With a loud, noisy mouth,
Bad-mouthing while she can
In the streets, causing rout
In heads of your people.
She is bringing trouble.

And the old, ugly man,
Who's stalking in the rain,
Pretending while he can
That he belongs with us.
Failing miserably
Without talent or guile.

And the stupid people
Who hide in tinted cars.
Their lips like black nipple,
Their faces worse than scars,
Minds worse than their faces,
Tires that can't win races.

Remove them from this place,
Keep them away from me,
For I despise their craze,
Their greed, their gutter glee.
I know you can do this.
You win, you never miss.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Lame Spies, Lame

Once a dirty garbage,
Always a foul garbage.
Like maggots in a hole,
They fight for their own hole.
Ugly face of low life,
Smug pretense of low life.
O how they shame the poor,
The truthful, humble poor.

Ugliness behind tint,
Morality with tint,
Pretentious cars, fake plates,
The fake humans, fake plates,
They're desperate for me,
They gossip about me,
And their money depends
On my mood, it depends.

What color is my lipstick?
Which guy am I liking?
What have I been reading?
They'll scamper, find out quick!

Still dependent on me -
Oh, and still watching me.
Driving me to that place;
They try to be in place.
Talk to me when I want,
Anything that I want.