Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello Again

   How have you been?
   I'm starting to regain my normal schedule, and making quite a good progress with my project. I can finally afford to write a bit more of "Crab Mentality."
   Someone asked me last week about the location of the story of "Crab Mentality." Even though some of the scenes were based on real-life, I have no specific location for the story. A writing critic in the past once mentioned the difficulties of giving specific locations, so I've stayed away from those problems by giving the location as simply a couple of towns called 4th Project Town and Citrus Town.
   Speaking of real-life, among all of the characters, Kim is the only character who is based on a real person. Somehow, he had become my favorite "Crab Mentality" character. Kim is based on a college student from Manila who I met in 2009. Just like his real-life version, I think that Kim brightens up every situation. He is very optimistic and supportive, but, at the same time, smart. The big difference between the real one and the fictional one is that the real one is a very silent person.
   The most "artificial" character in "Crab Mentality" is Chalano. I had created the character to perfectly fit into the plot and effectively send my message forward ("Crab Mentality" actually has a hidden message, which is already in the title itself). Chalano is a complicated combination of all of the rarest people whom I've ever known. He is highly based on people who aren't sure about on which side of the law they really exist.
   The Adhesive Gang is also based on reality. They are based on Rugby Gang, a group of real-life bank robbers whose modus resemble the modus of Acetylene Gang (another group of bank robbers). I actually have friends and relatives from the law-enforcement force; people like us don't miss information such as the ones that I had just mentioned. Writing about the Adhesive didn't require much research. The police make press releases every now and then to warn the public about the latest tricks of criminals, and the crime details on this blog are a collection of those press releases.
   So here's the next part of "Crab Mentality" ....
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