Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Post!

   Hi! How are you?
   I just left my current project for a while to get back to writing "Crab Mentality." I was so happy when I learned that I would get back to the world of "Crab Mentality." I have come to like the story, and I actually missed the characters in the past month. Chalano and his secretive thoughts, Kim and his favorite chit-chat, and the handsome-but-evil John. And don't forget (she wasn't really a part of the original plot, but I had to include her because my story needed some sort of a muse) Emma Hauchenof. After reviewing the "plot map" that I'd created a few months ago, though, I found a part that should not be missed. It isn't a happy part, but it is an important part of the story. I had to give a lot of effort in writing this part because Chalano goes solo in this. A huge portion of the story revolves around this part, so I chose to get the explanation over with as soon as possible to keep from having to explain it in the following scenes. A warning to some people, though: this part could be a bit uninspiring.
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