Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Little Villain

In dark woods of my mind,
He prowls for new victims,
On trail, never behind,
Never to joining teams,
For he's the best alone,
A dark silhouette, lone.

All my love, all my light,
In the form of lil' girls
He kills despite their might,
Feast on their twirling curls,
Like my reclining self,
Total pain of no help.

Though he sings my sorrow,
He challenges anger,
My goodness he can throw,
He puts me in danger,
And he follows my scents,
Unfearing of the saints.

Living on his deep grudge,
I forbid him to budge
Because I am the judge.

Shaded in his own world,
Gazing into my light
For a chance to be lord
Of my words and my might.
For his time, wait he will,
Ready for his next kill.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Dear Mr. Flash Gordon,
It's been a hot evening
More in the clothes I don
In wooden walls shaking,
And the smell of burnt food,
Seeping through the brown wood.

Tell me all the secrets,
Ones you would never share,
All of your past regrets,
And I'll make you aware
Of the great mess I'm in,
Every shame, every sin.

When living crazy lives,
With crazy pals besides,
Where your heart resides.

It pays to have a friend
To cry with and to share,
To inspire to no end,
So we are both aware
We are not alone through
Letters of me and you.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Catching Up to GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 27: The Ice Cubes

It sends out a cold smoke
And the smoke fades away.
It hurts me like a poke.
It sends today away
As it makes me so cool
Like the Arctic's in school.

Until it freezes me
So I don't feel nothing.
The sun I can still see,
The heat I'm not feeling.
And it melts in my mouth
Like the current goes south.

Making a hot day cold.
I can freeze in its hold;
I am noisy, I'm told.

As I try to finish
Faster than it can melt
Because this I don't wish,
The frozen cheeks I felt
Are gone and what is here
Is coolness to be near.

(Note: My first book, "An Unknown Narrator," is now available on Kindle, Inktera, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Draft2Digital, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Tolino, and 24Symbols. It's also on Smashwords, but I'm still organizing its files there. The only thing I finished on Smashwords is my interview. These are the things I've been working on since early this year. That's why I haven't been appearing in social media. Here's a little tip for young writers who want to self-publish: be prepared for a lot of tax forms.

By the way, I plan to take a month-long vacation from blogging because I need to recover from all the Writing Sprints, and I still need to organize the links of my book. I should create a universal link for "An Unknown Narrator" soon. I also need to publish my next book, "From the Human Chain."

Thank you for accompanying me in this live blogging journey through April. See you again soon.)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Catching Up to GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 24: Charlene

I am the youngest child.
I'm cute, but bad and wild.
I am the eldest child,
Everything right and mild,
And I'm the middle child,
Very perfect and kind.

My dad worked in the news,
But you'll never find him.
Mom bought lots of makeup,
But her face is still bare.
I had a young brother,
But I'm an only child.

My cousin is adopted,
But I am the outsider.
The big house belonged to us,
But we got kicked out of it.
They sold us out to save him,
But he still lost his life.

My real name is Bobbee,
But my name is Bata.
Just when I had no teeth,
He said I bit like a cat.
It takes a group of people
To defeat one, little me.

I lived in Silang,
Lived in Marikina,
In Quezon City's fang,
In eastern Manila,
Lived in Mandaluyong;
Count every location.

I come from the farthest
Of mountains and valleys
To arrive earliest.
I am the "retard" who solved
The problems he can't solve.

I can draw his whole face
Without looking at him.
I was most miserable
When I had everything.
Also, I took control
To let go of it all.

Been dating everyone's crush
Without leaving my house.
I was extremely poor
Because I was extremely wealthy,
And I fell in love
With someone you don't know.

I've been on a shelf
Even before my book.
She said she'll stay with us,
And then she moved with him.
I have been renting
The room of a squatter.

I had all the relatives
To make me feel unloved.
I am not hearing you
Because you keep talking.
I don't look like the culprit
Because I am the culprit.

Catching Up to GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 23: Love

Makes you
Live on Earth,
In heaven, and hell;

Ends you.
In unknown darkness,
A new adventure awaits

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 30: Redezvous

When I lose direction
And I'm just careening
Without a reflection
About where I'm going,
You're always catching up,
You're there to make me stop.

When I fall to the ground,
You can always catch me
And guide me all around,
For you can make me see
What others just cannot.
How you help me a lot.

I'll always count on you,
For you're reliable.
Helping me make it through,
Made me strong and able.
Though you make me suffer
Each day, I am better.

In your arms, in your gaze,
Everything can unfaze,
Though I'm lost in your ways.

To know you is power,
Meeting you is special
Forever and ever.
Praising your words, I shall.
Words that float to my ears
In your smile through the years.

Spying behind the trees,
Inviting me again.
Now, I am the one who sees
That there's never an end,
Only every new clue
That will begin with you.

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 29: My Other Half

I can tell just everything
About the mountains
and birds that are flying
As I walk on the grains
Of gentle Demeter,
I can't do it better

Than your powerful strength
That can carry the rocks
Along the longest length.
In these, the small me lacks.
I'll just watch in wonder
And on this I ponder

How you have everything
That I just never have,
But you can never sing
The power that I have
In every word and rhyme.
Maybe you can just mime.

But still, I so need you
To put order up here.
All ideas I blew
Into the winds not near,
You can collect again
More than before, you can.

So take my hand a breathe
The air that comes from you.
Be yourself from beneath
My every art and clue.
Together, we're a whole
And we make just one soul.

In all your odd features,
In all of my problems,
This love rebuilds and cures
In all unique emblems.
Though our troubles have grown
When we were our own.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 28: The Mirage

One word at a time, love.
Like waves that come at me,
Bleeding those words, I have.
Next month, I will be free
To miss this day and time.
Like collecting a dime

And yet another dime,
Until you make it big.
Baby steps ain’t a crime,
Always done in my league.
And even if you crawl,
They will just go to drawl.

As long as you arrive
Beyond the second five,
For you just gotta strive.

And when you think you’ll lose,
When you almost give up,
When all your ends are loose,
And you decide to stop.
Only one step to make,
And you will make your break.

(Sorry for disappearing again yesterday, guys. I just got a severe headache, because I'm actually still sick. I'm supposed to be recovering, but I've been working too hard. I prioritize my other tasks over NaPoWriMo.

Anyway, my poem is inspired by Camp NaNoWriMo. There is always a mirage that serves as a horrible illusion in front of an unfinished book. It discourages the writer from ever writing the first word, and it remains your demon all throughout the project. It fades by the end, though, and you realize it was just a book. Just saying.)

Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 16,910

Thursday, April 27, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 26: 2020's

Thousands of years ago,
People used some plastics,
Where many things can go.
Longer than inch of six,
Thinner than my finger,
Molded to be smaller.

These square plastics contained
A flat sheet of clear glass,
Folded to be maintained
With the tiny metals
In small pieces inside
Its narrow lower side.

They used these to write,
Play, and communicate
With other humans right
Or left of their own place
All over the whole world
Back in the days of old.

Virtual realities,
Holograms of cities,
It was 2020’s!

These plastics can connect
Everyone everywhere
Within a second next.
In modern days out here,
We’ve come a long way from
The tetrabytes for RAM.

Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 4,773

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 25: The Room of Dreams

One day, I was resting
After a long, long walk,
Before much more walking.
I was too tired to talk.
Then I looked up and saw
A high and dark window.

It was in a huge house
That was overlooking
The valley where my blouse
Will be warmed by shining
Rays of the setting sun
A long time from year one.

As I stood there below,
Silently gazing up
This great, hidden window,
I simply couldn’t stop
To dream that I was there,
Up in the peaceful air.

How nice it would have been
To have my own bedroom
And things that can be seen
From such a kind of home,
From such a high window.
My dreams began to grow.

To see every real slope,
Observe the aligned trees
Cling to the ground in hope
As the wind sings and breathes
While illuminated
As night and morning wed.

Though I was still right there,
Below the high, high house,
Existing so unfair
And as small as a mouse,
Although I walked away
Because I couldn’t stay

O I have lived to tell.
I’ve been to the valley,
The slopes, the winds that swell.
In blouse that wave lightly
From a room that still seems
To build even more dreams.

(Note: I skipped for 2 days because I got sick.)

Camp NaNoWriMo word count: 2,572