Sunday, September 17, 2017

Summer Writing

Hi, everyone. Glad you are still reading.

I’m sorry for taking so long to return. I said last May it was going to be just a month-long vacation. It turned into four months!

Anyway, I was just thinking of some of my earliest writing projects. In June 2011, I joined Clarion Write-a-Thon. I pledged to write 2,000 words of “Crab Mentality” by the end of the event in exchange for funds donated to The Clarion Foundation.

“Crab Mentality” was the fantasy-horror story I created. It was about a boy who can control water and an arsonist who turned into any person he burned. I spent Clarion Write-a-Thon 2011 taking notes for my story, writing the story, promoting my Clarion Writer page on my social media pages, and emailing potential sponsors.

I was also studying Statistical Reasoning, training in touch typing, and helping in my family. I did not have enough time for everything. I did not win in Clarion Write-a-Thon 2011 and did not finish “Crab Mentality.”

Clarion Write-a-Thon is just like a walk-a-thon. You write to raise funds.

Sponsors donate to the foundation based on the amount of work you finish. In 2011, sponsors donated to writers based on the number of words they wrote.

Now, sponsors can donate based on the number of poems, pages, hours, and more that the writers finish. The writer who raises the most funds wins.

In 2011, the event was held on The Clarion Foundation website. Updates about the event were posted there.

Us Clarion We were asked to email our names and details to Clarion, and their web programmers created our Clarion Writer pages for us. Here is my page. Sponsors donated through these pages.

Now, Clarion Write-a-Thon has its own website. Anyone can sign up for the website and build their own Clarion Writer page.

We had no direct control on our Clarion Writer pages. If you made a mistake in the details you submitted to Clarion, it will be on your Clarion Writer page forever. Unless you send another email asking them to correct your mistake.

My Clarion Writer page had no picture, but I didn’t have the time to send another email to update it because my time was full. Now, you have direct control on your page. You can edit it anytime and make it stand out from other Clarion Writer pages.

My Clarion Writer page had a picture, a Bio, an Excerpt, a Donate button, and fund-raising details. I had to write about my other details on my social media pages.

Clarion Writer pages these days have personal details, links to social media pages, and badges for extra goals. Clarion Writer pages now have a bar that measures how much your progress to your pledge. I love that bar.

My time in Clarion Write-a-Thon 2011 was not satisfying. I finished “Crab Mentality” in 2012 outside of the Write-a-Thon in exchange for no donations and for free.

I joined Clarion Write-a-Thon in 2012 again, but it was through the new Clarion Write-a-Thon website. I pledged to finish 85 poems before August and I was finally able to upload a picture to my Clarion Writer page. I did not raise any funds again, but I finished my 85 poems.

NaNoWriMo is coming up. If you have no time at the end of the year for writing, you can save your story ideas for Clarion Write-a-Thon instead. It takes place in the middle of the year, usually from the first week of June to the middle of August.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dreams in the Night

Images on water,
Mirage in the desert,
Hallucinating offer
To presumptuous person,
Haunting ghosts like eagles,
Or maybe just angels?

When you reach the dead end,
When you're out of options,
When evil makes you bend
Way beyond your rations,
When you lose sight of the light,
When your life is in flight.

They appear just to you
To give you a sweet clue
Like a bright sky of blue.

So you'll be back on track
And you fight your way up
For everything you lack,
Then you will never stop,
But when you look for them,
They're missing in the end.

The Box

I can feel her growing,
Vibrating 'gainst the walls
In the air round, gliding,
Seeping through thought that falls,
Routing my works and crafts,
With invisible aircrafts.

Dropping into my heart,
Like a tough judge's gavel,
Outdoing every smart,
Making me only level
To a prisoner's place,
To serve a sentence-full.

Like a bell that has fallen,
Everyone gets brazen,
Breaking all things they can.

And my view is now blocked
As I slide down the tunnel
Of everything I lacked,
Even the tears cannot swell
In this kind of trouble,
In every multiple.

This is my web of words,
Like a box with a lock;
The gods gave me these swords
Only to hold you back.
I open this to you
And you will not pass through.

Come, beautiful Ate.
Though shouting in shrill voice
Above my dear city,
Though not our own choice,
With your hair in a mess,
You are nevertheless.

A god like all others,
With power that bothers,
Even to the non-takers.

But you need to stop now.
It's my time to say "no."

Monday, August 7, 2017

A Second to Catastrophe

You feel it inside you:
Unreasonable fear.
What you see gives no clue,
But the deep fear is real,
It does exist like dream,
Is based on what you've seen.

I'm watching the small hand move,
Wish I can push it round,
To match my inner groove ...
If I knew what I found,
I would have stopped it there
While everything was fair.

For the bombs exploded,
All the children have bled,
And we have never wed.

I shall perish to sands
For wishing time to run.
Now, again, watch the hands ...
O shall I be the one
To stop it right there
Or will things change to fair?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

I Breathe Riddles

See colors in music,
Forming these ideas
On the faces I seek,
Every tapped beat that was
Created by fingers,
Each from my hand lingers.

All the movements I make
Are based on a rhythm,
Absorbed from things I take
From the Nature I skim,
Faster than every thought,
Combining the whole lot.

To be made of symbols,
Where there are no more walls,
And every rule made falls.

I always breathe riddles,
Making you think over,
And make you rekindle
The touch of a lover.
Though there is one dancer,
There is no one answer.

The solution's in you,
You're beating every clue
In your heart every time,
Keeping up like a rhyme,
Reflecting like mirror,
Forming a new color.

The story is in you,
'Cause your life's always true,
Like the clashing of chime
Against another chime,
What are you breathing for?
What are you fighting for?

Struggling to stay above,
Holding on just like love,
The love that we don't get.


I am banned 'cause of you,
For I built your empire.
Craft you out of the blue,
And I lent you my fire,
So they think you are real.
They don't know how I feel.

My feelings are now yours,
Using both our hands,
I destroyed the mirrors
Everywhere in your lands,
So you won't see yourself,
Gave you my heart and help.

All our words are one,
Admire the craft we've done,
Before, behind the sun.

I hate my reflection.
I removed the mirrors,
With your reputation.
Now I know why I write lores,
Why your secrets I see,
Because you become me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Little Villain

In dark woods of my mind,
He prowls for new victims,
On trail, never behind,
Never to joining teams,
For he's the best alone,
A dark silhouette, lone.

All my love, all my light,
In the form of lil' girls
He kills despite their might,
Feast on their twirling curls,
Like my reclining self,
Total pain of no help.

Though he sings my sorrow,
He challenges anger,
My goodness he can throw,
He puts me in danger,
And he follows my scents,
Unfearing of the saints.

Living on his deep grudge,
I forbid him to budge
Because I am the judge.

Shaded in his own world,
Gazing into my light
For a chance to be lord
Of my words and my might.
For his time, wait he will,
Ready for his next kill.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Dear Mr. Flash Gordon,
It's been a hot evening
More in the clothes I don
In wooden walls shaking,
And the smell of burnt food,
Seeping through the brown wood.

Tell me all the secrets,
Ones you would never share,
All of your past regrets,
And I'll make you aware
Of the great mess I'm in,
Every shame, every sin.

When living crazy lives,
With crazy pals besides,
Where your heart resides.

It pays to have a friend
To cry with and to share,
To inspire to no end,
So we are both aware
We are not alone through
Letters of me and you.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Catching Up to GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 27: The Ice Cubes

It sends out a cold smoke
And the smoke fades away.
It hurts me like a poke.
It sends today away
As it makes me so cool
Like the Arctic's in school.

Until it freezes me
So I don't feel nothing.
The sun I can still see,
The heat I'm not feeling.
And it melts in my mouth
Like the current goes south.

Making a hot day cold.
I can freeze in its hold;
I am noisy, I'm told.

As I try to finish
Faster than it can melt
Because this I don't wish,
The frozen cheeks I felt
Are gone and what is here
Is coolness to be near.

(Note: My first book, "An Unknown Narrator," is now available on Kindle, Inktera, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Draft2Digital, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Tolino, and 24Symbols. It's also on Smashwords, but I'm still organizing its files there. The only thing I finished on Smashwords is my interview. These are the things I've been working on since early this year. That's why I haven't been appearing in social media. Here's a little tip for young writers who want to self-publish: be prepared for a lot of tax forms.

By the way, I plan to take a month-long vacation from blogging because I need to recover from all the Writing Sprints, and I still need to organize the links of my book. I should create a universal link for "An Unknown Narrator" soon. I also need to publish my next book, "From the Human Chain."

Thank you for accompanying me in this live blogging journey through April. See you again soon.)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Catching Up to GloPoWriMo 2017, Day 24: Charlene

I am the youngest child.
I'm cute, but bad and wild.
I am the eldest child,
Everything right and mild,
And I'm the middle child,
Very perfect and kind.

My dad worked in the news,
But you'll never find him.
Mom bought lots of makeup,
But her face is still bare.
I had a young brother,
But I'm an only child.

My cousin is adopted,
But I am the outsider.
The big house belonged to us,
But we got kicked out of it.
They sold us out to save him,
But he still lost his life.

My real name is Bobbee,
But my name is Bata.
Just when I had no teeth,
He said I bit like a cat.
It takes a group of people
To defeat one, little me.

I lived in Silang,
Lived in Marikina,
In Quezon City's fang,
In eastern Manila,
Lived in Mandaluyong;
Count every location.

I come from the farthest
Of mountains and valleys
To arrive earliest.
I am the "retard" who solved
The problems he can't solve.

I can draw his whole face
Without looking at him.
I was most miserable
When I had everything.
Also, I took control
To let go of it all.

Been dating everyone's crush
Without leaving my house.
I was extremely poor
Because I was extremely wealthy,
And I fell in love
With someone you don't know.

I've been on a shelf
Even before my book.
She said she'll stay with us,
And then she moved with him.
I have been renting
The room of a squatter.

I had all the relatives
To make me feel unloved.
I am not hearing you
Because you keep talking.
I don't look like the culprit
Because I am the culprit.