Saturday, November 5, 2011

50 Days Before Christmas

   Hi! How was your Halloween?
   I can't believe that we are now less than two months away from Christmas! I had written about the speed of time in one of my first posts in my first blog, and how it could be Christmas soon even though it was still January. Look, it's already November! That's one year for me of being a blogger!
   I hope that you have finished your Christmas shopping (the best time to start was in September, only to avoid the crowds).

   I was getting very bored earlier this week. I've been working on three stories at the same time! (Yeah, I wrote even though it was supposed to be my vacation.) All of the drafts have been making me feel a bit weary. Fortunately, at around Wednesday, I became as inspired about writing as I had always been. That's probably what happens to most writers, we have to work even though we don't have enough inspiration --- until inspiration comes. Being a writer seems to be a one-of-a-kind existence!
   Anyway, this episode of "Crab" took lots of research. I went asking questions online and in other places, and I even found another writer who asked similar things to everyone ... for a similar reason. Now, that's real-life horror! How could we be alike even though we didn't know each other? Well, we were not exactly alike, or else I would've freaked out! (Just joking. He's a good writer.)
   I didn't do much editing for the sake of "good" content in this part of "Crab," that's why it's a little more frank than the previous ones. Take care (and, look, it's 50 days before Christmas, wheee!), and thank you for all of the support!
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