Thursday, June 28, 2012

Along With Me

I stood on my toes to see him.
A small baby, nice and asleep.
Couldn’t see the tomb, not a peek;
Like I can’t find that little boy.
If he was here, then it’s real joy.
I build in vain what they destroy.
It made me ask, “Why am I spared?”
I can’t live if life can’t be shared,
But I have to live like I dared.
He’s supposed to be here with me.
Gotta put him in my story.
I want him to smile; happy.
I lose him when I look for him.
Invisible like a glass rim.
From the unbalanced, broken team,
Empty ghost, breathing in stories.
Thought he was here as I start this;
The person who I’ll always miss.
They tell tales of crying in May.
He slowly faded every day.
He just gave up, and went away.
I say, “Why did he leave me here?”
Should’ve brought me along with him.
Should’ve brought him along with me.

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