Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank You! :)

   The Write-a-Thon has finished with $16,500 in donations. Once again, thank you to all of the sponsors. We wouldn't have reached our goal if not for you!
   My stories, "Crab Mentality" and "McFinalee Brotherhood," though, aren't finished yet. Other than fund-raising, one of the purposes of the Write-a-Thon is to help writers finish the the novels that they had been unable to finish. Will "Crab Mentality" be turned into a novel? The answer is "no."
   When you join a writing contest, the people who hold the contest will check if you agree that you cannot publish your entry for another contest once you've published it for their contest. I thought that the Write-a-Thon was the same (they didn't make an agreement, but no writing event that I've joined so far had missed that agreement yet so I thought that it was the same with them), so I chose a story that would be exclusively for the Write-a-Thon. I never had the plan to turn "Crab Mentality" into a novel. It will stay on this blog.
   I will try to finish "Crab Mentality" in the following months (there are four turning points left to be done). I wouldn't blog as frequently as I did in the past days, though. I had to quit my other projects for the final weeks of the Write-a-Thon, but I've brought them back this week. Among all the projects, web design is one of them.
   Anyway, thank you for all the support so far. My current tasks for this blog is to bring my audience from my other blog, and to start to separate myself from my fund-raising "duties."
   My other blog has a wider audience than this one. They come from places that I never thought would have people who would be interested about my stories (Kenya, Iran .... even China!). Well, this blog has more frequent readers than "Charlene Delfin." Also, there are readers here who have never read any of my blogs before (readers from Romania and France). Still, a majority of the readers of both blogs are from the United States.
   I've been looking for a widget called "tag cloud" to make my blog more easy to navigate, and the only one that I found is the "tags" widget to the lower right of this post. Also, I've been noticing that you read this blog only after I make updates about new blog posts through my other accounts. It seems that you haven't subscribed to my blog yet. To subscribe for free, click the "Posts" button underneath the "Sign Up" widget at the bottom right of this blog. Or you may join this blog by clicking the "Join this Blog" button at the top of the left sidebar. Thank you! 

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