Thursday, August 2, 2012

Patient #222

If he could go to school, he’d study.
If he could eat dinner, he would pray.
If he could go home, he’d be happy.
If he had somebody here, he’d say …

How much he fears, and how hard this is.
All of his worries and confusions.
Somebody, who would listen to these,
Even though these sound like delusions.

But he feels cold, and he’s almost dead;
Waiting for the door, but there’s no friend.
Forced to accept weirdest fate ever:
Left by time in this room; forgotten.

He is in pain, and he is betrayed.
He’d rather keep reading the pages
Of a book about some other place.
Absorb every word to the edges.

He’ll put himself in that other world.
He closes his eyes to endless sleep.
See the author’s imagination;
The last thing he’ll see; he won’t wake up.

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