Thursday, October 8, 2015

Busy Days

It's 9:24P.M. of October 7 in the Philippines. So many tabs, windows and apps are open at the same time in my laptop. I listen to my Spotify playlist, "Epic Fanatic," through my earphones to keep the people's voices in the next room from distracting me. The evening is so chilling, and it reminds me that it's almost Christmas. Still, the scent of this place when I was still new here lingers in the air.

Within the time that I was away from this blog, I finished studying three weeks' worth of material in Computer Science, submitted one programming project, learned new rules in my course, rejoined my classmates and teachers in Neuroscience, took up several little jobs, and helped edit the books of fellow authors. There were other events in between, of course, but these were the main points. In the process, I ended up composing some original music on UJam and Musicshake just for my Computer Science project.

Please disregard the web links that I left on Musicshake regarding my writing. I've taken down some of those pages.

If only my schedule wasn't full, I'd love to rejoin this course. Studying this was the only activity I ever did all my life that made me feel like I was doing something that I was meant to do. Thankfully, they've accepted me to be part of Hour 25! Please join us. We are a community of Classicists, and we need more Classicists.

I missed this blog a lot, and like before, I'm still dreaming of changing the blog design. Anyway, before I go, let me share with you this hilarious video from Neuroscience.