Sunday, February 28, 2016


Oh, I think they hate me
Like fiery catapults
This moment is slimy
Where there'll be good results
Only if I stayed straight
And this is the real weight
How do you control you
Human with emotions
Every proper value
Like prosperous nation
Leading a lawful life
Staying away from strife
As a mother defends
With a strong claw that fends
Off whoever offends
Didn't we mean revenge?
How can you halt nature
Like a blue ocean's edge
When it's in your heart pure
Here's what I ask, mentor
Though I wear your armor.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Danger Waters

Hear me, hear me singing,
Hear the words from my mouth.
As long as I'm breathing,
I will sing from north to south
Of all the things I see
While I travel the sea.
The waves will always change.
All you do is balance
And you'll stay within range
Of your own second chance
In these tricky waters
And the fuming craters.
Don't forget the bright stars,
Even when joy is scarce,
For they inspire so far.
Keep your heart and survive
In time to help the next
Youth who can then revive
The voice of humans, lest
This poetry will shift
To the enemy's ship.