Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lost in Verse

Hi, how are you?

Like in previous months, I’ll talk about the works I published all November.

I created “The Swan’s Song” on December 28, 2014. I have lost grip of what it’s actually saying. But there was a time in “The Ancient Greek Hero,” when we discussed Achilles’ death. Our professor described it as a “beautiful death.”

In ancient Greek epic poetry, a brutal death in war is considered beautiful. You can understand why it’s beautiful. Because it is a heroic death. That is what I was trying to say through my poem. Idk.

Swans were believed to sing before they die, and “swan song” is the term used for a person’s deed before death. The title and the inspiration for my poem is a man whose surname sounds like “swan song.” He inspired my best poems.

I created “Shell Shock” on January 15, 2015. My family had moved to Project 4, and I was experiencing a weird bunch of feelings. There was just this chilling thing inside of me that also surrounded me and always tempted me to think darkly. I didn’t know if that was just the result with me if I ever had everything I wanted in life. Maybe Pensionne Calderon was just haunted. Or maybe I was depressed from moving. Still, it gave me a difficult time coming to creating the works that I used to create so well. I call this period in my writing life, “The Blackout.” Everything in my mind picture was just dark and it got reflected by my few works at that time.

I created “A Feather in My Notebook” on January 27, 2015. My sister kept borrowing my laptop. I got the laptop back for only about 2 hours. I spent most of my time scribbling on my notebook, or finding something to do on my smartphone.

I was starting to feel miserable, not used to the feeling of so many hours passing by with me not earning anything. So I began to plan a mobile blog that can earn revenues. I had been writing site maps even before we moved into Project 4. I was looking for one of those in my notebook, when I came upon a feather.

When we were still in our previous home, one of the birds who loved to perch outside our window dropped a feather inside our house. I picked up the feather and placed it within the pages of my notebook.

Once we were already in Pensionne, seeing the feather again gave me a rush of vivid memories of our old house. It was like I was there again. I used this opportunity to laud the best traits of the place. I was reminiscing about how it inspired me to create the best works I ever created.


Here’s more about my NaPoWriMo 2016 works.

On the 22nd day of NaPoWriMo, we were asked to create works for Nature.

“Still Alive” is inspired by “Still Breathing” of Digg the Kid. It was my fave song at that time, and the soundtrack of my second fave movie.

On the 2nd day, we were asked to create works about our families. Each stanza was supposed to describe each member of the family.

I found this dangerous, endangering my loved ones’ privacy. So for “Diversify,” I decided to describe each of my family members as poetic metaphors. I thought of the most well-known traits of each one. I chose the ideas that represented those traits. The intelligent one is the owl, the beautiful one is the flower, etc.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Feather in My Notebook

A feather in the pages
Brings memories of old,
Kind that never ages,
Tucked away from the cold,
Preserved in my notebook,
Though not in where I look
Bringing back good side of you,
O how we used to sing
Of love songs and dreams true,
How our own dreams bring
These endless memories,
Beyond all of these freeze.
In a land with sunshine,
Beautiful clouds that line,
And a blue sky so fine.
All that is left of us
Is a gentle feather
Of a light bird that was
Living with the weather.
Like love in you and me,
Feathers remain so free.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Shell Shock

No breeze of the sunrise.
Look at the bigger trees.
Dark green, so huge and wise,
But a god who sends breeze
Won't make those leaves rustle,
For all things don't bustle.
Silence pierces the ears,
Of one who's numb from noise
In all these many years
Of arrows, crying voice,
Sound of hooves on the ground;
Up there, armies abound.
Don't you long for the sea,
The sunrise you can see?
And don't you long to flee?
Push harder, and it snaps.
It all ends in silence.
It crawls in and it wraps,
No sins, no violence,
No more musical art,
Not even in my own heart.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Swan's Song

Those who fight forever
Are they who die each time.
Pass the story over,
Repeat like poet's rhyme,
Fill the circle all day,
For this is our way.
He who loved his people,
He who left them early.
It's really quite simple
When you can breathe freely,
For there ain't only one,
The fight is never done.
In the silver of moon,
Over the cold lagoon,
We'll hear the new song soon …
Another king is gone,
But his people remain.
None shall flee, none shall run,
For honor is regained
In a beautiful death
Of a fighter's last breath.