Sunday, January 29, 2017


As you cover your shine,
Hiding behind the mist,
Your love and warmth divine,
Although it's those I missed,
Your tones now faraway,
No longer make me sway

I, too, shall pause living
Just like a worker ox
Rests in the shade, waiting,
Like a calm, watchful fox,
For I've faced the strong waves
Of your sea as it waves.

In calm before a storm,
A chance to be reborn
From a soul that is worn.

To quench my own thirsting,
Though I smell the coming
Of more raindrops twisting
From more dark clouds swarming.
Cherish the sleep I gain,
'Til you disturb again.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

First Love

It's so far away now,
Hidden in the thicket
Behind strong trees that grow
Was you staying to wait
For me to get ready
To run with you so free.

When you were holding me
As we ran down the glade,
And we laughed happily
In the footsteps we made
At the beach where you kissed,
But your yearning grasp missed.

I was the giggly girl,
In the winds, my hair twirl;
I blushed as we swirl.

How I long for those days.
And when you tickled me,
The dimples on your face,
Out in the giant sea,
I just didn't want this,
When our time I miss.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Freeze this Moment

Hello there, beautiful.
I watch you waiting there,
And I watch like a fool,
Feeling my insides go fair.
As happy as the sky.
Good blue, I don't know why.

You make my breathing stop,
You make my body freeze,
Your posture I adapt,
O my heart you can squeeze,
Even from a distance,
Even without a glance.

Despite these, I feel so high.
I'm alive, I can fly,
Though I try to deny.

I don't wanna say "hi."
I don't wanna know you.
Don't want this to go by,
Will stay here all day through,
Keep this moment I have.
And enjoying this love.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


The clouds wavy in blue,
Sparkling bright in the sun,
But I don't have a clue
What it's like for this one,
This weightless self of mine
To bask in days so fine.

For I'm hidden in dark,
So far away from you;
I have sent you my mark,
But o my hope you blew
Away into the end,
Where my breathing can bend.

And tornadoes grasped me,
For the Fates don't agree
That you have let me be.

And so I am just gone.
I can only gaze now
At the bright smile of one
Who makes the icebergs thaw,
Casting forth a brightness
That I miss in sadness.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Try Again?

We may be all long gone,
But we could start over,
Undo things we have done,
And make the best ever ...
Love better than before,
Although my heart is sore

From the whirlwinds of you,
Lightnings of your anger.
Down the tall trees you blew.
Bent around your finger.
I still have in me hope,
Because I can still cope

And recover from us,
Forgetting all that was,
Without haste, with no fuss.

Take my hand again, love.
Like a sun shines on you,
Nurturing leaves you have,
Offering skies so blue,
Bask in my song, honey,
For there's no end for we.