Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crab Mentality (Part 7)

June 7, 2010 3pm
   The school gate was beside the canteen. Just before he stepped inside the canteen, Kim looked toward the gate and said, "There she is! Go, and introduce yourself to her."
   Emma was walking toward the gate. She was on her way home. "Let's get to know more about her."
   "No," Chalano quickly retorted, suddenly feeling shy. "I'm hungry, I'll go to the canteen. You can speak to her yourself."
   "Oh, no. Don't be like that. You just have to introduce yourself. It's that easy. What happened to you?"
   Emma stepped out of the school gate.
   "No way. Maybe next time," Chalano gave him a side-long glance. "What happened to you?"
   "Oh, we're talking about you. Look, she's leaving."
   "Let her."
   Kim started to walk down the stairs while pulling Chalano with him. "Hey, " Chalano complained.
   "You Chinese ought to make your vision a little wider," A voice came from behind them. John. Chalano had left him in their classroom with Emma, but he probably went into the canteen ahead of them. He glared at Kim, saying, "All that you see in our country are the money, but you can't even see whose way you're blocking."
   "I'm sorry," Kim quickly replied as he and Chalano stepped aside to make way for John. "I didn't see you."
   John laughed. Pointing at Kim, he called to everyone around them, "Look! Do you ever expect this Chinese import to see?"
   He walked closer to Kim, and said quietly, "I wonder why your father brought you here. He probably didn't want a half-breed in China."
   It just didn't feel right anymore. "If we were really blocking your way," Chalano declared. He was surprised about how brave he was with talking back to John, but he already started it, so he had to continue it. "Then how come you're not walking ahead now that we've made way for you?"
   John's huge eyes became even bigger with anger. He stepped closer to Chalano, so close that Chalano could hear his breaths. His tall figure leaned toward the boy. With a taunting tone, he said to Chalano, "You're going to fight back, huh?"
   Chalano didn't know what to say. He didn't know what to think. He tried to hide the truth and stared back at John, but he was actually scared.
   "What do you mean with that?! John," Kim screamed at him. "You're gonna hurt my friend? Huh? If I could recall some law books correctly, that's abuse of superior strength."
   There was something about John's posture that just became stiff. Only for a while. He glared at each of them, and left without saying another word. He walked out of the gate. The friends watched him leave. They were both tense about what happened, and they decided to go home instead. Chalano and Kim walked out of the school gate as the other students watched them, wondering about what happened to the head of the Student Council.

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