Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Progress, and a Message for You

   I wish that all of you are happy and fine today, as happy as me.
   I had been doing more fund-raising for the Clarion Write-a-Thon, and spent yesterday asking more people for donations. I just went back to my word count this afternoon, and discovered that I have exceeded my Write-a-Thon goal! I said in June that I planned to write 4,000 words for this project, but I have written 4,173 so far. Because I accomplished my goal before the Write-a-Thon ended, I will add another goal: I will write 1,000 more words to my current number of words.
    I bet you're kind of bored with how "Crab Mentality" had been moving, because even I have been tapping my toes (well, just on my mind, because it's not easy to tap one's toes while writing!) at the current speed. I just passed Turning Point 1, and I'm on my way to Turning Point 2. I plan to remove some parts to end the story early. In what I've written so far, I'm starting to reveal Chalano's past, and how far he would go to keep it secret (this is actually one of the obstacles in the story; he would deny his sins if he could).

   The Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop was established in 1968 by a group of science fiction writers. It is now one of the most well-respected writers' workshops in the United States of America, and provides an annual, six-week education in the basics of speculative fiction.
   The science fiction and fantasy genre tell what could be possible in the field of science. Science is in continuing development; what scientists know today are still not everything. There is a huge area of science that is yet to be discovered, and the genre of science fiction and fantasy depict what that area could be like. Science fiction and fantasy had helped science expand in the past years. Jules Verne, one of the founders of modern science fiction, had created imaginary inventions in his books. Many of his unreal inventions later became reality; his stories suggested what could be possible.
   Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop helps hone the writing skills of the Jules Vernes of this generation. Imagine, a world with better storytellers who match the predicting abilities of the great Jules Verne, and help science improve to make everybody's lives better.
   I myself ain't a Clarionite. Writing is simply a hobby for me, because I'm actually studying for a field that is way different, if not opposite, from literature and journalism. But I believe the alumni who say that Clarion changed their lives, because it changed me. Before participating in the Clarion Write-a-Thon 2011, I was someone who came up with all sorts of excuses to not write. There's nothing like knowing that 146 other writers in the whole world are writing like you, and that you would change a great number of lives and the future of literature if you wrote. I got more interested about writing, and, in the process, the daily exercise of my writing muscle improved my craft. It was so fun to check back on the Clarion Blog every week and hear from fellow Write-a-Thon writers; there was this sense of camaraderie. This is our last week together in this fund-raising project. I must admit that the skills that I gained from this experience will be useful in the future.
   There are still people out there who have the potential to be great writers who captivate the world with their stories and provide alternatives to what is currently happening to our lives. The Clarion Writers' Workshop helps such people improve their talents, but not all of them can afford to pay the cost of tuition at Clarion. I am asking for your donations for them.
   Remember that I'm not getting anything for this, no matter how much you donate (well, the top donation earner would win an Apple iPad 2). All donations will go to the Clarion Foundation to help the incoming students of the writers' workshop. I just received an email saying, "You have helped make Clarion 2012 possible."
   It felt so great to read that message, and the message would be applicable to you if you participated in this event by donating. This is your last chance to be part of this. You may donate $5, or any amount that you can give. Clarion 2012 depends on helpful people like you.  Thank you in advance!
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