Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crab Mentality (Part 5)

June 7, 2010 3pm
   She was sitting before her desk, writing. Her name was Emma Hauchenof.
   There were 90 desks in the classroom, and they were divided into three groups that were called rows. The brown door was on the western side of the classroom, and Row 1 was nearest to the door. Row 2 was next to Row 1, and Row 3 was next to Row 2. The rows were four feet from each other. The blackboard was on the southern side of the classroom, and beside it was the teacher's desk (which was near Row 3). The walls and the ceiling were blue green, and the floor was maroon. Emma was in Row 2, in the 8th line of desks from the blackboard. She was on the western side of the row.
    There were electric fans on the ceiling above each row.
   The teacher had written a long article on the blackboard for the students to copy before they left at 3pm. Emma was copying the article into her pink notebook. Her handwriting was so neat.
   Chalano was seated at the eastern side of Row 1, in the 10th (last) row of desks. He couldn't keep from noticing Emma. It was the senior year of secondary school. The students were the same ones who were his classmates in junior year. Emma was the only new student in school.
   She had brown eyes, and she had thick eyelashes. She had rosy cheeks. Her hair was long and silky. She wore her school uniform really neatly, and ----
   The school bell began to ring. It was loud and startling, but the students had learned to aticipate the sound because it was often heard before the time when they could leave the boring, ol' classrooms. Chalano quickened his writng to finish copying the article from the blackboard; he was five words late. His handwriting bacame ugly due to his sudden speed. He hoped that she did not see it. He glimpsed at her.
  There was no way that she could have noticed him, because she was already speaking with John. The president of the Student Council must have walked from his desk in Row 3 to, obviously, introduce himself to her. All of the other students had been befriending her since she had walked into the classroom. Everyone instantly liked her because she was beautiful and kind. She and John were smiling as they spoke with each other. She probably liked John. They looked good together. 

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