Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rising Creation

Hi! I joined Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 July.

I mentioned last April that July is always the worst month for me. I’m happy that this July is good.

I create my works to have various meanings to various readers. Of course, each of them means something to me also. Here are the dates of creation and personal meanings of the poems that I published this July:

I created “Another Day” on September 30, 2014. It’s about Neuroscience.

I created “Modern Solution” on October 2, 2014. I was thinking of how to keep people reading.

I created “Shine Your Light” on October 5, 2014. It says that no matter how outnumbered you become, you will win if you stay good.

I created “Oh, My” on October 10, 2014. It’s about mercy.

Here’s more about my works for NaPoWriMo 2016:

“Emo a Decade Later” is a persona poem about one of my original fictional characters. She is a grownup version of the kids who became a part of the “emo” crowd of the early 2000s.

On that day in April, the optional poetry prompt was about collecting a group of words from a special dictionary. We were to make a poem using these words. I wished to use a botanical dictionary, but couldn’t find any. My next choice was a dictionary about literature and poetry. It was everyone’s choice, though. I chose the online Urban Dictionary to add diversity.

“Oh, Woe! Oh, Woe!” is my attempt to make my own version of Cassandra’s mad scene from “Agamemnon” by Aeschylus. “Agamemnon” was a play about the king’s homecoming.

On that day, the prompt was about writing from the point of view of a supporting character in a myth. My entry was actually a bit off-prompt. Because Agamemnon and the Trojan War weren’t exactly myth. They did exist.

“The Giant and the Daffodil” is about one of my friends. The poetry prompt was about mixing fancy and un-fancy words in a poem that day.

“Home” is a persona poem that I created from the voice of Odysseus.

We were asked by the optional poetry prompt that day to create a poem that contained many syllables. It was fun to have so much space to say so many things.

Odysseus is a recurrent feature in my poetry and a reader fave, so instead of the newer inspirations I had all April, I included him before the month ended.

The line that reveals the real meaning of “Made of Dreams” is: “Just making up.” NaPoWriMo started with me actually being unprepared. I just put together the most beautiful words and ideas that I could come up with at that time. Poems should be inspiring, so I made it picture the most beautiful scenery the best I can.

I was feeling a little stuck last April and “Frankphobia” was actually a lot of help. To be able to create great works, you must be fearless.

The poetry prompt that day asked us to write a poem that included something that we were afraid to say. At that time, I was extremely afraid to say, “I’m bored.”

It took me 11 stanzas to finally say it, describing it only in metaphors in the first part of the entry. I was pleased to have discovered the convenience of writing longer works earlier that week. The form helped me say exactly what I was feeling.

Creating the following works was a lot easier after “Frankphobia.” Because I was happily back to being able to transfer emotions to art.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m wishing you all a great and happy July!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Oh, My

Before I do the worse,
Stop this heart from feeling.
If you have to by force,
Stop my heart from bleeding,
For I still feel pieces
And each of his kisses.
For how shall I think straight
When love is so crooked?
Who must carry the weight
Of the rules of wicked?
Oh, why the honest one?
And why can't this be done?
Like a strong, swirling storm,
Dark in make, dark in form,
Refusing all the norm.
My thoughts out-of-control,
All my why's in the air.
My love, this is my fall
For taking up a dare,
But the heart that I have,
It continues to love.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shine Your Light

It comes worse everyday
As I become stronger.
Here's the game plan he lay.
Each level is stranger.
They never obey rules,
Making me feel like fools.

The fools who still behave
When everything is wrong,
But only rules can save
A lonely spirit's song.
The gods be on your side
In the face of fear wide.

Like the ocean, they're huge,
But goodness is refuge
As the strong waters surge.

Outnumbered and outsized,
No matter how it feels,
Extremely terrorized,
Though they force you to kneel,
Keep your heart glowing good,
For being good saves you.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Modern Solution

No, they didn't unfollow.
They just don't like those news.
To make followers grow
And then increase your views,
Give them all things they like,
Then you will increase likes.

You have to work a while
In order to know these.
They won't like every file
Just 'cause it's you they miss;
They just like everything
That helps their own living.

Like seas reflect the sky,
Like the air help birds fly
And light makes the dark die.

So give them what they like.
Give them what they will use
And they'll make your views spike
So your earnings will fuse
Into one successful
Business so plentiful.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Another Day

Ripples on the blue sea.
Sprinkles in the fresh air
Like the crystals I see.
This morning is so fair,
Great for taking pictures
Than noting those lectures.

But who do I need more,
Admirers of photos,
Or the man who once wore
Stethoscopes in pathos?
With photos, I inspire,
But with him, I acquire.

Even the stars have light
To appear in our sight
In the dark, freezing night.

How can I inspire you
If I am not inspired?
I'll let this time pass through,
For I'm not yet that wired.
Another day for us,
For time flies by so fast.


Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 July progress: 1,771 words