Sunday, March 26, 2017

Books and Plans

Hi, welcome back! It's finally March! March is Women's Month, and it's also Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines. I spent this month working on improving and marketing my first book, "An Unknown Narrator."

"An Unknown Narrator" was first published only in print format. I made it available in ebook format a few years back, but there was a problem with its table of contents. This month, I fixed the table of contents problem. I have also designed its new cover (I am a graphic designer when I'm not being a writer). I am now waiting for the confirmation that it's approved for distribution in iBooks and Nook. I will soon be making it available on more than 10 other stores, including Kindle and Kobo.

The book is about a young stage actress, the popular kids in her school, and an anonymous person who was writing about all of them. The last person was the unknown narrator.

As of this moment, it is currently available only in ebook format on LuLu.

I currently have 13 book projects. They became 13 because I kept participating in the NaNos. I never published any of my projects there. I never published my NaNo projects because they often ended up being longer than 50,000 words. The ones that I finished within 50,000 words needed to be edited, and I never had the time for editing a whole book. Also, I tend to get depressed by the characters in certain book projects. I escape to side book projects for a bit of a break. This year, I am going to try to make time for each of these book projects.

When I finish fixing everything about "An Unknown Narrator," I will work on "From the Human Chain" next. I postponed the publication of "10th Commandment." I can't publish "10th Commandment" with the current situation in my country.

While I'm preparing my current books, I'm also managing my Channillo series. My Channillo series, "My Poetry," showcases the poems that I write every day. I write 2 poems every day and I publish them live on Channillo.

For the coming month, April, I will be participating in 2 writing events. They are Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 April and NaPoWriMo 2017.  I usually participate in NaPoWriMo via this blog, but I want to do it via my Channillo series this year. I will still check if participating in NaPoWriMo via Channillo is allowed.

For Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 April, I will be writing a story that I started early this year. It has the working title, "Holland." It is my 13th book project and it's about an actor who has a gruesome secret.

About my poems ...

My laptop is getting problems after an update, so I got scared of inserting anything to my laptop. I don't want to insert my flash disk into it yet. So I still can't view my poetry collection and take my old poems. So for this month, I published my recent poems.

I wrote "Get Ready for a Rainy Day" on February 6, 2017. It's about making things okay while you can. It is about both work and relationships.

I wrote "Hibernation" before going to sleep. I wrote it on February 9, 2017. All the words fell into the perfect places, though. I ended up creating a poem that completely reveals one of my personality traits.

"Trapped" is about seeming okay, but feeling that something wrong is going on. I wrote it on February 27, 2017. I was feeling burned out from work when I wrote it.

That's all for now. See me again!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


I do not feel happy,
I feel miserable.
He won't be setting free
The soul in me that's able
To live on her own love,
Taking all she can have.

I look to you, green trees.
I sing to your music.
Words of my soul to please
With the joy that you seek,
So you may grant me joy
And goodness you employ.

For I do not feel right,
Though I have all my might,
And I am in the light.

Careening to the shadows
Before I lose myself
Into the harshest blows,
Please give me any help,
For I do need you now;
Tell me when, tell me how.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


I will close my eyes shut,
Lie down, rest my body,
And dose off like a cat.
I may not be ready,
But it's saving my heart,
And sorrows of my art.

Hiding in the darkness.
In silence, unmoving
In this vast nothingness,
Far away and sleeping
To ignore every clue,
To stay away from you.

For you'll only hurt me,
Hurt through the things I see,
To feel my inner plea.

So I must deny you.
You're unseen and unfelt.
These things I never knew.
My slumber shall not melt,
For I've escaped away,
O from this painful day.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Get Ready for a Rainy Day

Your hair looks calm today
As you speak of this love.
I listen what you say;
This moment is to have,
And I sit next to you,
Glancing to eyes so blue.

I hope that when they cry,
When I feel all your hurts,
When I don't know why
We turned into these sorts,
When the end gets too near,
And once again, I fear

Let's prepare for the worst,
Let's make this love first,
Ready for coming thirst.

When we stand far apart,
This moment will keep us
From lone beings that part.
Dear, don't let the chance pass
To make it so okay
Before the times turn grey.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Blogging Live By Accident

Hi, everyone! Happy New Year! I hope that you're having a great 2017 so far. It is wonderful to see you all again. I missed you.

No other thing is better at making me forget what I was going to say than a blank sheet of paper. I should write a blog post today, but I forgot what I was going to say. Well ... I am sorry for disappearing in January and February. My laptop took too long in the repair. It was distressing. I got depressed. I mean, watching the whole world go by as your digital work pile up is a horrible situation.

I am still organizing the work that has piled up while I was away. I am still planning how to finish them and when to finish them.

I usually schedule my blog posts 2 months before publication. So when my laptop began to malfunction in October, I still had scheduled blog posts for the next 2 months. When January arrived, though, I no longer had my laptop to access my flash disk. I cannot open my poetry collection. I can no longer schedule my old poems for publication for another 2 months. So I ended up live blogging.

Each of the poems that I published this year was written at around the same day they were published. I wrote them on my phone, where files change dates whenever I open them. So there is no way of seeing exactly on which day each of these poems was written. I cannot give you their exact dates, sorry.

"Try Again?" was about the New Year. I was also trying out a new style of writing poetry. I was romanticizing everything.

"Crying" combined my new style with my old style. In my old style, I always described my subjects like they were gods. I also described myself in a way that was as lowly as possible. Poems in the old style often ended with me being completely defeated, if not dead.

The style wasn't the only thing that's old about this poem. It also has my old subject. He used to work in a store that sold construction supplies. He's not in Google Search like me and he hasn't published any book. He's an ordinary guy, but a huge percentage of my love poems are about him. "Man of State Secrets," "The Villain's Daughter," and "The Man at the Mental Ward" are some of them.

"Freeze This Moment" is about my desktop wallpaper. It doesn't have any of those styles. I tried to write like the song, "Smile" by Uncle Kracker.

We all have different interpretations of songs. "Smile" is crazy, happy, and funny. It's about falling head over heels in love with someone and losing your mind in the process. The poem was about the same thing.

"First Love" is fiction. I love poems and stories that start at the present time and end at the present time. The whole story is the flashback. I wrote this poem in that form. It's about a girl who is recalling her first love and missing him.

"Ceasefire" is in my new style. It has many meanings, but its primary meaning is that I am taking a break from work.

I should stop referring to my new style as "that style," "new style," or something. It's getting annoying, isn't it? I should give it a name. How about "Crossover"? Because I combine different elements in this new style.

"Stand Your Ground" is also in Crossover. It means that I got back to work.

That's all for today, everyone! Thank you!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Stand Your Ground

My people erected walls
On my sands against you,
So that your strong wave falls
And stays within your blue
Oceans that twist and turn
As your skies above mourn.

For you're strong and many,
Powerfully surround
My shores out in the sea,
Reigning above my ground,
And rocking down below.
Your angry rumblings grow.

Fighting your real nature
With a likeness so pure,
Facing you to injure.

Darkness, you shall not pass.
And stay where you belong!
I will live with my mass.
This song I will prolong,
For it's my creed to fight,
My honor to the light.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


As you cover your shine,
Hiding behind the mist,
Your love and warmth divine,
Although it's those I missed,
Your tones now faraway,
No longer make me sway

I, too, shall pause living
Just like a worker ox
Rests in the shade, waiting,
Like a calm, watchful fox,
For I've faced the strong waves
Of your sea as it waves.

In calm before a storm,
A chance to be reborn
From a soul that is worn.

To quench my own thirsting,
Though I smell the coming
Of more raindrops twisting
From more dark clouds swarming.
Cherish the sleep I gain,
'Til you disturb again.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

First Love

It's so far away now,
Hidden in the thicket
Behind strong trees that grow
Was you staying to wait
For me to get ready
To run with you so free.

When you were holding me
As we ran down the glade,
And we laughed happily
In the footsteps we made
At the beach where you kissed,
But your yearning grasp missed.

I was the giggly girl,
In the winds, my hair twirl;
I blushed as we swirl.

How I long for those days.
And when you tickled me,
The dimples on your face,
Out in the giant sea,
I just didn't want this,
When our time I miss.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Freeze this Moment

Hello there, beautiful.
I watch you waiting there,
And I watch like a fool,
Feeling my insides go fair.
As happy as the sky.
Good blue, I don't know why.

You make my breathing stop,
You make my body freeze,
Your posture I adapt,
O my heart you can squeeze,
Even from a distance,
Even without a glance.

Despite these, I feel so high.
I'm alive, I can fly,
Though I try to deny.

I don't wanna say "hi."
I don't wanna know you.
Don't want this to go by,
Will stay here all day through,
Keep this moment I have.
And enjoying this love.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


The clouds wavy in blue,
Sparkling bright in the sun,
But I don't have a clue
What it's like for this one,
This weightless self of mine
To bask in days so fine.

For I'm hidden in dark,
So far away from you;
I have sent you my mark,
But o my hope you blew
Away into the end,
Where my breathing can bend.

And tornadoes grasped me,
For the Fates don't agree
That you have let me be.

And so I am just gone.
I can only gaze now
At the bright smile of one
Who makes the icebergs thaw,
Casting forth a brightness
That I miss in sadness.