Sunday, November 4, 2018


Hi, guys! Sorry, there's no poem for today. I just ran out of my collection of poems and I've been too busy in the past days to create new ones. I'll create more poems and return once I've created many. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

In the Nook

Green leaves on the tall trees,
Sunshine through the branches,
No drinks as chilled as these,
I have not for ages
Tasted the spice they cook
Into foods in the nook.

As I detect the scent
Of the dark, coming storm,
Wild and strong, the winds went,
Twisting in every form
Those poor ones who can't hide,
As the winds chide
With the torn leaves, they cried.

While I still remain here,
Unmoving, with no steer,
Still waiting 'til the clear.

For spicy foods in nooks,
I will not pass an age,
For the drinks over books,
Sunshine over my page,
The new green leaves so bright,
As I sit down and write.

Sunday, October 21, 2018


Lone flower in the grass,
Not even with a glass

Without your reflection
For one admiration

You're right in the center,
But to the common asker

You're basking in the sun
In the warmth and the fun

You're dancing to the wind
As it swooshed and it twinned

Sending crystal raindrops.
Even if he eavesdrops

You can't be heard tasting,
The clear freshness awing

The sunlight is all yours,
The wind and all its snores

And the gift from the sky
That just won't let you die.

Let them wonder and moan;
Breathe freely and alone.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Blog Update

Dear readers,

Greetings! How are you? I hope that all of you are okay.

It has been more than four months since I last posted. I had been so busy with my job, my family and my personal life. I hadn't been able to post online like I used to. I am posting now only because I have a little time and I need to keep this blog going.

I am currently waiting for dinner. I'm supposed to continue working, but I'm already extremely hungry. I get a headache when I work while hungry, so I stopped working for a while. I spent the time reading the guidelines of HubPages and Channillo instead.

HubPages is an online blogging community. I actually never wrote on HubPages and never had the plan to write there because, at that time, I was young and the community of HubPages seemed so professional. I was intimidated. Instead, I joined Squidoo.

Squidoo and HubPages were the most successful blogging communities in those days. Squidoo was the more fun one. It had cute graphics and its system was gamified. Our pages were called Lenses and there were contests. I was successful on Squidoo, being featured as one of the top writers and winning in a contest.

I got busy in my personal life, though. A few years later, I received an email that Squidoo will be closing. They moved my Lenses to HubPages under a name they created for me, charlenedelfin lm. My sister and I found it interesting that they made my name "charlenedelfin lm," instead of just "charlenedelfin." My sister joked, "How did they know you're associated with a Lim?"

My family is not related to the Lims. It's just that my maternal uncles were leaders of the UP Vanguard, an organization of the University of the Philippines. One of the Lims was a member of the UP Vanguard and his sister is my godmother. I heard their family owned the hospital where I was born. That's why we found the name Squidoo gave me for HubPages extremely interesting.

They provided me access to HubPages and the option to update my Lenses according to the system of HubPages. I haven't been publishing those Lenses on HubPages, because I never had the time to read the guidelines of HubPages and make sure that my Lenses abided by them. I kept them in the drafts.

Reading the guidelines tonight, though, I feel that I shouldn't have taken so long to read them and should have just published my Lenses right away. Because they are almost exactly identical to the guidelines of Squidoo.

As for Channillo, their CEO invited me to write for the website a few years ago. She sent me a DM on Twitter, asking me to join. I joined right away because it was a rare opportunity at that time. My laptop had stopped working and I couldn't blog. It was hard to write blog posts through my phone. But it was easy to write on Channillo through my phone.

Tonight, I checked if there were parts of Channillo that I hadn't been able to view on my phone. All parts of it were visible through my phone. So I just reread the guidelines. I hope to start a new series on Channillo one of these days.

Well, my dinner finally arrived and I finished eating while writing this blog post. It is now time for me to get back to work. Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Good morning, my old friend,
Thank you for the welcome.
I settle down this bend,
Where I have always come
To seek your protection,
Receive your affection.

But, please, don't receive them.
They will do anything
In exchange for a gem.
Traitorous and singing
In exchange for money.
And their crimes are many.

Like a lazy woman
With a loud, noisy mouth,
Bad-mouthing while she can
In the streets, causing rout
In heads of your people.
She is bringing trouble.

And the old, ugly man,
Who's stalking in the rain,
Pretending while he can
That he belongs with us.
Failing miserably
Without talent or guile.

And the stupid people
Who hide in tinted cars.
Their lips like black nipple,
Their faces worse than scars,
Minds worse than their faces,
Tires that can't win races.

Remove them from this place,
Keep them away from me,
For I despise their craze,
Their greed, their gutter glee.
I know you can do this.
You win, you never miss.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Lame Spies, Lame

Once a dirty garbage,
Always a foul garbage.
Like maggots in a hole,
They fight for their own hole.
Ugly face of low life,
Smug pretense of low life.
O how they shame the poor,
The truthful, humble poor.

Ugliness behind tint,
Morality with tint,
Pretentious cars, fake plates,
The fake humans, fake plates,
They're desperate for me,
They gossip about me,
And their money depends
On my mood, it depends.

What color is my lipstick?
Which guy am I liking?
What have I been reading?
They'll scamper, find out quick!

Still dependent on me -
Oh, and still watching me.
Driving me to that place;
They try to be in place.
Talk to me when I want,
Anything that I want.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Day 30: Old Friend

NaPoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo have ended. April has ended. The rainy season in the Philippines is already starting to replace summer. It’s time for us novelists to go on with our lives and pursue different writing projects.

I’m extremely busy this year, so, when I joined Camp NaNoWriMo, I lowered my word count goal from 50,000 words to 1,000 words. I just didn’t have the time to write 50,000 words.

The month turned out to be far more busy than I expected, though. I was actually close to tears because finishing everything seemed impossible. To keep everything from getting ruined, I organized my tasks into top priorities and things I can live without. NaPoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo are things I can live without because I’m not getting paid for participating in them. So I had to give them up at the latter part of April, focusing instead on meeting deadlines that were far more important.

I skipped sleep and meals to finish as many of my most important tasks as possible so that the last days of my April will be free, allowing me to finish NaPoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo. There is no rule that I must publish my NaPoWriMo poems within a certain time range anyway, you know. But the future is never certain and everything always goes wrong when you least expect them to, so, as a precautionary measure, I spent my dinner times and travel times writing poems on my phone.

Like I expected, the month got even busier. A house accident happened. The neighbors’ cats had a fight and made a hole through the roof. The window frame fell downstairs and there’s a huge, gaping hole in the kitchen.

The landlady has arranged for the whole mess to be repaired, but my mom said that the carpenters and the renovation might disturb us. So we decided to move out.

We will return when the renovation is finished. If it’s beyond repair, though, we will live elsewhere. My family relocated to a new place and I got sick during the move.

I fell behind on my schedule. Even though I’m not late for a week yet, it’s totally embarrassing and I’m ashamed of it. I will try to finish everything that needs to be finished tonight and tomorrow.

I have already finished my Camp NaNoWriMo story and transferred my poems from my phone to my blog so far. The downside is that all of my poems in the latter part of April are off-prompt. But, hopefully, I will catch up on my schedule before the middle of May.

Here is my Camp NaNoWriMo story. It’s a horror story about a shooting spree. I hope to continue it once I get enough free time. The protagonist will be one of the victims in the mall.

My 30th poem is below this blog post.

Old Friend
O I've missed you, old friend.
The many nights ours,
I thought that they would end,
But here again, hours,
Endless times we can love
As you reign high above.

Gazing at you from here,
Like all the nights before,
It's a beautiful fear,
The style that I adore,
We can go on this way,
Forget the things they say.

Because it's our skin,
And we don't have to mean
To achieve what has been.

Come on now, my old friend,
Take my hand and let's go,
Let's begin at the end,
Of memories, forego,
Moving on, moving fast,
Believe and make this last.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Day 29: The Eye

Sun rises in the east,
It goes up in the sky,
Sending away the mist,
Do you even know why
This poem's obvious?
Don't be oblivious.

For she breathes in the breeze,
She watches in the light,
Your whole life, she will seize,
Each of your days and your night
After night of no sight.

She will take everything
While you are still breathing,
You're not really living.

Unless you give it up
For her and only her
And don't you ever stop,
Will never be over,
Then you can become free
And she will let you be.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 28: Release Me

Why can't I go back?
If I had been there once,
Can't I retrace my track?
Give me a second chance,
All opportunities
To the place that I miss.

Where girls are like fairies,
Their shoulders shine and glow,
Their clothes swaying in breeze.
To this place, I will go,
If you will allow me,
If you will set me free.

For you make me suffer
For leaving an offer
That you wrapped in wafer.

So how do you expect
That I understand this?
It's like a dialect
From a far, country bliss.
So let me go and live
The life we both believe.

Day 27: Reality

Remember the sad days
When you always wanted,
But all you do was gaze?
For you are still haunted
By the shadows of those
As you stand before me.

There was no other choice
And you had to face it,
You could not even voice
The discomfort you meet
In those times in the past,
But bad things always last.

One day, the Earth will turn,
For the nth time, you'll burn
And your feelings will churn.

So gather everything,
Everything you can grab,
Everything you're holding,
For life won't be a drag
In throwing you back there
Without a single care.