Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stephen McFinalee

   Some of the individuals who frequently read my first blog have began reading this blog also. Nice. Thank you!
   I've been writing notes for Shane, the main character of "McFinalee Brotherhood." He shouldn't seem too perfect to be easy to relate with. I'm writing what makes him human, what makes him imperfect. This is hard because he is like me. (I find it hard to describe my present self. It sounds strange, but it's me whom I find hardest to understand, especially my tendency to know too much about people.)
   It's hard to depend on what other people say because people see only what they are permitted to see. I need to define deep thoughts, and natural personality. I'm planning to make it like this: Shane may be young, but he feels that he's running out of time. He thinks that his life is too short for him to rest, so he spends almost all minutes of it working to get what he wants. Shane is in a rush, and he doesn't like to spend his time on things that do not make him gain anything useful.
   I like making the characters of my stories very real. There's another one who needs more editing: Stephen McFinalee. He's Shane's 19-year-old brother. There's a natural dislike between the brothers, and that will increase as the story develops. My notes currently dictate that Stephen will start the bigger trouble, but editing the characters might change that. Shane's negative side is that he's always watching over Stephen, to the point that it wasn't good for Stephen anymore.
   While I carefully write "McFinalee Brotherhood," here's the third part of "Crab Mentality" .....
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