Monday, July 25, 2011

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   The story originally began with two children. After reading the first draft, I decided that it was ugly, so I changed the characters into Aylyn and Rando. There had to be something that the readers could hate about the characters. Rando was a rebellious guy who was in a relationship with a minor, and Aylyn eloped with a rebel. I had written notes about the characters' deepest thoughts during each moment of the first part. I'm telling you, Rando didn't really love Aylyn. People might think that it was romantic, but I just know that it wasn't. Aylyn was just fooling herself (as you can see, I included a part of the stupid, because-I-love-him reasoning of common teens).
   Modern horror has become random, but my story isn't keeping up with the times. Being random removes the art. I'm following the old logic of one wrong thing leads to another. I'm not saying that Rando and Aylyn deserved what happened to them, but we can't deny that they were doing something wrong.
   In my post, "The Turning Points," I mentioned that the killer in the story would go to the school. After what happened in Norway, that kind of scene isn't a cute joke. It ain't funny.
   I'm going to give another spoiler about my story: the antagonist was planning to do something big and tragic in the school, but only one person would die. Yes, the killer wouldn't succeed with his plan.
   I actually dislike this genre. I never liked fantasy/horror; I just chose it because this fund-raising project is for the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop, and horror was mentioned in the Clarion blog (I just can't stand science fiction). Even though I don't like this genre, I will rock this as long as I have a valid reason to write this. But, what about this ....? There's a real- life turning point: the writing challenge for Week 5 of the Write-a-Thon is to create a new story. They even gave elements that should be included into the new story. Fratricide? I'm thinking of a couple of astronauts who were brothers. They were sent to Mars to search for eternal youth, and they had brought a hunting dog with them. Their food was cabbage soup (I don't think that makes sense, because astronauts in space usually eat dehydrated food), one of them has a tattoo on his wrist, and .... While I think about how to make this new story better, why don't you check out my Write-a-Thon page? You can donate $5, or any amount that you can give. Donating wouldn't just support me, it would also support the future of science fiction and fantasy because your money would go to the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop. Be a sponsor today to give new writers a chance to improve the world of speculative fiction. I will publish more parts from "Crab Mentality" in exchange for donations.
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