Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Earthquake, Lead Characters, and My Progress

   I thought that someone was just rocking my seat. Then I noticed that the whole house was shaking. It was the first moment that I felt an earthquake. It took place at 1am yesterday. It felt strange to feel the earth shaking beneath me. Other people on social networking sites who talked about what happened said that it made them dizzy. Yes, it could make one dizzy.
   Still, life goes on. I've been writing notes for the plot of the second story for the Write-a-Thon. The new lead character's identity is going to be based on me, unlike Chalano, who is a male version of one of my real-life "rivals" (I don't really consider her my rival, but she likes to call me her "rival", so I guess that that makes us rivals). While I create the structure for my second story, here's the second part of "Crab Mentality" (because you have been very supportive) ....
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