Thursday, July 12, 2012

No Lake was Neon Blue

He could feel the snow crumble with each step.
The cold seeped through all of the man’s clothing.
He could see nothing else; ha hadn’t slept.
A white world with black trees without ending.
Evening sun of January wasn’t much
For him to clearly see the burning match.

The trees were set on fire, and spread the blaze.
He felt the warmth; he walked closer to them,
But the flames turned green right before his gaze.
They disappeared as quickly as they came.
The warmth, the light, and all the flames were gone.
Back to the snow under the winter sun.

He heard the sound. Flowing. Pleasant … water!
Hurried to the neon blue lake of snow,
But no lake was neon blue; not in there.
It was another wakeful dream, you know.
He had been lost for nine days without food.
Exhausted mind couldn’t see any good.

10th day: He saw a guy in bright orange.
The guy walked closer, and held his hand, said,
“Everything’s fine, you just got out of range.
Your family learned it, and we were sent.
Come with us. A storm will be here today.
You’re delirious ‘cause you’re lost for ten days.”

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