Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Several People

Another day, another day.
Beneath him is a white, soft bed.
Caring for him is what they do.
Dreaming is all that this man does.
Everyone dreams of just resting.
For this man, he just has no choice.        
Great days are spent just lying down.
He wears no clothing, just a blanket.
It doesn’t have to be lunchtime
Just to eat, for dextrose is food.
Karen is the name of his nurse.
Linking the white tubes to his veins.
Moving is painful, he must rest.
Nothing can weaken this man’s mind.
October, it’s the current month.
People have moved on with their lives.
Questions come: When would this be done?
Recognizing only nurses.
Several people won’t visit.
To miss good health is just one thing;
Unable to live like last year;
Very insane to stay in here;
Waiting is just another thing.
Xoloitzcuintlis are better.
Yesterday was just like today.
Zoning out is the best option.

Clarion Write-a-Thon 2012 
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