Saturday, July 28, 2012


Accounting is for all of the geeks.
Bachelor’s Degree is not easy.
Can you count backwards very quickly?
Doctors study very carefully.
Everything is always orderly.
Find your way on your own, just hurry.
Granite walls in room for engineers.
Halloween party when the time’s free.
Indigo is color for artists,
Just don’t paint too much of it.
Kids pass and graduate as adult greats.
Love the place that allows brainy freaks.
Mondays are busy, and can’t be missed.
No low thinking’s tolerated here.
Overhead is a statue in gris.
People are students and faculty.
Question one’s mentioned by question three?
Reading is done everywhere freely.
Some people really smuggle in beer.
Tell the story in your own words, clear?
Umbrellas belong to locker six.
Viridity is all about green.
Who cannot count backwards, oh, my dear?
Xenon is studied in Chemistry.
Yes, or no, it’s just what she’s asking.
Zero grades aren’t allowed in this.

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