Thursday, April 23, 2015

Before the Clock Strikes

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 word count: 38,588

It's 8am of Thursday and I wanted to sleep a bit before I start my day, but Day Twenty-Two of NaPoWriMo will be ending soon. I shouldn't dare be late at publishing my response for their challenge again.

Honestly, I spent last night and some hours of this morning rebelling a bit and just getting busy with myself. I always become like this during the NaNos and while attending HarvardX. It's when I've had enough of my usual schedule, and just do whatever I please. Like, play computer games. Well, that was what I did last night.

In "10th Commandment," the end has begun.

I mentioned in my other post, "The Last Light," that I wanted to change the colors of this blog. Just keeping up with author trends. It's customary for authors to make their blogs look like what they write about. I write crime fiction. Honestly, if I had my way, I'd turn this whole blog pink. Because pink is my favorite color.

I'll be reviewing "The Shining" on Bubblews tonight. Something gives me the feeling that it doesn't have to be reviewed, since many people have watched it already ...

Here's my response to the NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Twenty-Two challenge. We are to write a pastoral poem. I've written so many pastoral poems before. I've demonstrated through "Sharing a Secret" how I use Nature as a metaphor for a man's face. The difference between that type of my poetry and my pastoral poems is that my pastoral poems give descriptions through all the senses, not just sight.

This pastoral poem is about a cornfield, a storm, romance and life. It's inspired by everything that it is about. Not much metaphor, except for "As the first stone is cast."

Actually, I accidentally deleted this poem a while ago. I thought I lost it. Glad that my word document has an endless Undo, and I just kept clicking Undo 'til the poem reappeared. Whew! I thought I lost it!

Out in the Cornfields
I smell it in the air,
I see it in the clouds,
Outdoors people hear fair
The bitter thunder loud.
Can you feel the strong winds?
They push hard on my limbs.

The lands darken, it creeps
Like battle formations,
And then the powerful sky weeps,
Soaking the poor nations.
Let us take cover here.
Stay closer, so you hear.

But all things never last,
And life goes by so fast
As the first stone is cast.

The enemy retreats.
The crops are green again.
For my sight, it's a treat
When they're yellow again,
Shining in grass like sun.
And you and I stay one.
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