Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Between Good and Evil

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 word count: 31,100

Here's to another day of attempting to blog like a typical blogger.

Didn't wake up, because I've been awake. Been awake since two days ago, with only a few naps whenever I got time. Insomnia. Was going to take another nap after publishing my previous post, but got called to travel two cities away.

Arrived there at noon and spoke to them for a while. Said goodbye a few hours later and traveled to Cubao.

Was going home, but my neighbor was waiting outside our street. She dislikes my mother a lot. Avoided her by walking to another street, and traveled to my hometown to buy barbecue instead. They have the best barbecue there.

Walked to the nearby waiting shed. It was the waiting shed where my family and I got stuck during Typhoon "Ondoy." Typhoon "Ondoy" is one of the strongest storms ever, even stronger than Hurricane "Katrina." Sat on its bench to reminisce for a while. Saw my old neighbors, acquaintances, and even old enemies. They like to go out of their houses for a look and a bit of news whenever someone from my family is in the neighborhood. Traveled back home by dusk.

Left my laptop to do a virus scan as I took a 4-hour sleep. Woke up at midnight to eat the barbecue. Mother called me to watch "Gone Girl" with her, but we got so bored with Ben Affleck. We decided to not finish the movie, and she went back to sleep.

Got disappointed to learn that my laptop had also slept while I was asleep, failing to finish the scan on time. Read the new NaPoWriMo blog post. Was trying to compose my NaPoWriMo poem, when this woman woke up. That wasn't her usual schedule. She's usually nice, but she's extremely hard to bear with when she's angry.

When I write, I move around every now and then to get oxygen to my brain and think better. Just pacing back-and-forth on the floor while thinking for ideas. She got mad at me, saying that I was distracting her from what she was reading. She went blah blah blah, "you keep walking." How come I don't complain that she keeps talking ...

We know her well. She gets angrier when spoken to. The best way to deal with her anger is to remain quiet. I kept my mouth shut and put the volume of my earphones to maximum. No weird woman, just orchestra.

Finished my poem and proceeded to browse for inspirations for the next part of "10th Commandment." She got tired of talking and went to sleep. Lowered the volume of my earphones. Finished writing by 5am.

Was writing notes for this post when she woke up again to read and caught me walking again. She went blah blah blah again. My patience was about to snap. Kept my mouth shut and had a chat with a friend online to distract myself. He was like, "Tell her to close her eyes, turn around, and go to sleep." It made me laugh. Laughter increases patience. Went back to writing. Put the volume of my earphones to maximum. No weird woman, just James Blunt.

Proceeded to write this. Was starting the paragraph above when she switched to her good side and happily asked if she can borrow my laptop. Will give her anything just to make her shut up, I can continue writing on my smartphone anyway, but my face must have given away what I was really thinking. Because she was like "Oh, okay, nevermind" when I looked at her. And she left.

Life is quite peaceful again.

On Bubblews, I reviewed "Before I Go to Sleep."

Here's my poem for the NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Fourteen challenge. We are to write a poem that depicts a dialogue. My poem is an argument between good and evil. The first stanza is from evil and the second stanza is from good. The third stanza is from me.

In the fourth stanza, Line 1 is evil talking about good, Line 2 is good talking about evil, Line 3 is evil talking about good, and Lines 4-6 is good warning people about evil. (Note: Still looking for a photo.)

We are humans. We feel,
We become wet in sea,
For beauty do we kneel,
All flavors o we see,
The easy do we hear,
Losing breath shall we fear.

In all evil, there's good.
It has all solid walls.
For distance, it won't brood.
No human this thing calls.
The most unpleasant smell,
Where all the flavors fell.

In the end, who will win?
Will it be the real sin?
Or will it be the keen?

It's very difficult.
It will lead you to death.
You shouldn't join their cult.
He'll offer you his breath,
His power, and his name,
But it's the same old game.
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