Saturday, April 18, 2015

What I See

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 word count: 33,511

Spent 8pm last night to 5am this morning trying to bear with my villain's evil mind just to write more of the story. I'm glad that I finally reached the part where the most challenging scene is about to end. Went to sleep at 6am instead of writing a poem and ... overslept. Woke up at noon.

On Bubblews, I'll be reviewing "Finding Forrester" (I have to publish this first because I'm late!).

Been sitting here, completely puzzled by the challenge for NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Seventeen. We are to write a social media poem. We're supposed to quote the posts and tweets of our friends and the labels on the package of the food that we eat. I was like, isn't that not original? Also, I'm worried about the privacy of my closest friends. They have told me again and again to protect their private lives from my public life.

On the other hand, social media has been, indeed, its own poetry. I'm the type who becomes friends with many different types of people, and logging in to my accounts is like traveling all over the world at once.

Here are the thoughts that I think as I read my News Feed and Twitter Feed: My American friend from Harvard is creating another conspiracy theory that the US didn't really close the Guantanamo prison. My other American friend can't stop raving about Batman. My Filipino friend from the University of the Philippines is criticizing the Philippine president. My other Filipino friend logs in only to cheer Manchester United. My African friend says that Michelle is more famous than Obama. My other African friend says he thinks he's pregnant. My Colombian friend is in another poetry meeting. My other Colombian friend just updated me on his new favorite snake. My German friend is promoting Animal Rights again. My other German friend has been sending me private messages about the real situation in his country. My Romanian friend says that Romanians vote only for politicians who give away the most free pencils. My other Romanian friend jokes about all Romanians being vampires. My Greek classmate from Harvard is meeting with fellow Greeks on the situation of their economy. My other Greek friend is talking about atheism. My Indonesian friend is selling National Geographic bags. My other Indonesian friend is admiring Johnny Depp. My male friend has been courting every girl in his friends list, and adding more girls. My female friend has been serving a lifetime of fanhood to Paul McCartney. My gay friend just posted another one of his favorite love quotes, which he already posted last week, and the week before that. My lesbian friend just discovered that she actually likes Mick Jagger. My Catholic priest friend is praying. My Muslim friend is also praying. My Jewish friend is even more praying. My atheist friend just posted about what could become of humanity. My religious friend just posted that atheists should just shut up.  My male friend said that women are crazy. My female friend said that men are stupid. My Pakistani friend keeps making fun of the Indians. My Indian friend keeps making fun of the Pakistanis. My Russian friend is admiring the beauty of the snow. My Malaysian friend is writing about peace. My Chinese friend is complaining about being stereotyped. My Ukranian friend is playing ChefVille. My Italian friend keeps worshiping his girlfriend, who is also my friend. My British friend is talking about me on his Wall. And my other American friend says that the US government is hiding UFOs. That's why I often end up laughing in my own posts and tweets.

Daring myself to just obey the instructions from the NaPoWriMo blog and blame it on them if somebody complains, I logged in to my Facebook account and Twitter account and read the feeds. My young college student friend finally graduated, my author friend is telling authors to avoid creating Facebook book pages, and my Catholic priest friend is still praying. In my poem, I included only the friends who I've been sharing and retweeting. I arranged the posts and tweets into a bit of social media story. The last line is from the cover of my breakfast, which was siopao. Here are the friends and followers who I got these lines from (in order): Nicole Zoltack, Dennis Sharpe, F. Paul Wilson, Brian Rathbone, and Debbie Irving.

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This might or might not be me ...
So ... this is a thing that just happened today ...
So I'm in Vegas for the GU and I'm wearing a T-shirt that says
So while on line for a coffee this AM I see people reading the shirt and I can tell by their expressions that they see nothing wrong with the logo and are wondering why I'm wearing it.
If someone had told me as a kid growing up in the '70s that I'd have friends all over the world, I would never have believed them. Yet...
Saturday morning social media tasks done.
Please dispose properly
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