Sunday, April 26, 2015

Quotes from My Novel

My family tried to finish "American Sniper" again last night. And failed once more. Mother noticed me getting bored, and switched to "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies."

Even though not the best among all LOTR movies, the last one of the second trilogy still has some of the elements that LOTR fans loved. The theme about the destruction through greed, the whisperings, the possessions, and more. I've been an LOTR geek since I was a kid, and had even tried writing my own fantasy novel at the age of 11. Oh, I've got too much to say about the whole LOTR world and might make this post too long again. So I'd better stop talking about it right after this period.

For a little side topic, in 2014, the Armed Forces of the Philippines made a special showing of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" to raise funds for the Armed Forces of the Philippines Educational Benefit System. My friend once asked me, "What's the significance of 'The Hobbit' with the military community?"

I'm not sure if they did the screening because of any significance. All that I know is that the original creator of all things LOTR, J.R.R. Tolkien, was a war veteran. His novels actually once got criticized because they focused on war, but that's the reason why we love LOTR. Tolkien's trilogy gives a calmer, softer view on war and everything that happen in it.

I think that the original trilogy was better, though, especially "The Fellowship of the Ring" --- alright! I really should stop all the LOTR talk right here.

After watching the movie, instead of writing, I simply read the whole "10th Commandment." Just had to make sure that it was really finished. Finished reading the book by 4am.

The verdict: "10th Commandment" is still not finished. I added scenes, plot twists, and characters. I added all of them to my novel outline. Here are some quotes from my characters - taken from different parts of the novel - that I'll be keeping. They are from Evelyn (protagonist), Gerald (protagonist's best friend), and the villain. I'm keeping my villain's name secret because the story actually begins with him, but not as the villain.

Evelyn: "I've always noticed. I've always noticed that I have this element in me that destroys me. It inclines me to do things I shouldn't do. Like I want to kill myself. The question is, will it really kill me?"

Gerald: "Because, sometimes, you look at the same things too much, that you actually see nothing anymore."

Villain: "There is always that time in your career when your success becomes more powerful than you. Your reputation spreads far and wide, and everyone creates a persona of you that is far greater than who you really are. Everyone comes to you, expecting magic. Your creation gets distributed to many places, and you are barely keeping up with the speed of it. What can you do? You are only human with only two hands and a single head. I had to lessen my work, I had to leave, or I had to ask for help."

Currently listening to my fave playlist on Spotify, Ultimate Epic Movie Scores. Planning to review "Troy" on Bubblews.

For NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Twenty-Five, we are to write a clerihew. According to Wikipedia, a clerihew is a quatrain that features a famous person in an absurd light. The first line has the person's name, and all of the lines have an irregular pattern (despite a strict rhyme scheme).

I was still feeling grim from reading "10th Commandment" when I started writing a poem for the challenge, and my first victim was Justin Bieber. No matter how hard I try, I just can't stand Bieber music. One of the good things about my new address is the lack of Beliebers.

I later found a better victim for today's challenge, though: Harry Styles.

This kid and his band have always been one of the targets of my sniggerings. My friends and I just like laughing at them. Alright, Directioners, the band does serve an important purpose in this world: making us laugh.

Don't get me wrong. Those kids are actually awesome. It's just that I prefer to listen to other music. (Photo credit: me)

Harry Styles
London Bridge falls and Harry Styles.
Women so great he beguiles.
Two dimples and a hairdo.
He's sneaking out with somebody new, whatever paparazzi do.
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