Thursday, April 30, 2015


Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 word count: 50,088

I won in Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 by going past my goal word count of 50,000 words and I finished writing "10th Commandment" by reaching that sweet ending scene. The only thing that needs to be done to "10th Commandment" right now is some mixing and organizing of the scenes, additional scenes and, of course, editing. I need to organize the sequencing of events and make the names match. Because sometimes, just to keep writing, when I don't remember a name, I just write any name. Like, Randy becomes Ben in the middle of the book, and Mark in the end.

No matter how hard I try, though, "10th Commandment" just always ends up being wild. Maybe because the real-life inspiration behind it wasn't happy. I've tried making the book happier, but ... if the previous version had chase scenes and beatings, the latest version has murders and stabbings. There are just some ideas that keep leading to the same thing. Maybe novels are more similar  to poetry than I thought.

In poetry, there are ideas and topics that, no matter how I try to fix, keep turning into something twisted. That's why I choose my topics carefully. Odysseus and Socrates inspire good poetry. Odysseus inspires both romantic and universal poems. Socrates inspires poems that are all about dignity and sacrifice. I've had inspirations in the past who caused nothing but turn my poems into something weird, that I never wrote about them again. Writings tend to depend a lot on the inspirations.

I think I should just share parts of the novel here after editing, and see if it's really horrible. Even though that would be hard to do, because it has profanities and is basically R18.

On my own, of course, I love it because it's, well, it's my book. The settings are amazing. The transition of the characters from emotion to emotion is so natural, that it's like they come to life. The villain totally came to life, saying and doing things I never thought I could write. And he sure said and did a lot. I just worry a lot if the story will make people happy. It's a world where the outlaws and the law-enforcers are united, and good people find few places to hide.

Honestly, I'm exhausted after all that writing and has been dying to get my life back. I always do my best to sound happy after winning in the NaNos, but when I look back on this post years from now, I'd think that it sounds cranky. I like to look back to all of my winner postings, but often end up wincing at how cranky they sound. Even nice words can't cover up exhaustion.

For the NaPoWriMo 2015 Day Twenty-Nine challenge, we are to write a poem that reviews something. It's kinda hard to do because reviews tend to focus only on the main points and are often impersonal. It's just all about facts and honest opinions.

For my poem, I reviewed the place that inspired my villain's home. It's the most beautiful place in the Philippines, in my opinion. Been dreaming of getting back there this whole April. I chose it for this kind of poem because it ensures that there will still be poetry basics like beauty and desire.

The Good and the Bad
You will love all the view,
All the smooth mountain slopes.
The tree leaves remain new,
Rustling like singer hopes
For sweet beauty of life.
Nothing but peace, no strife.

On the flip side of these,
You'll only be raided
By fierce people who miss
The cash that once aided
Their far and high living,
But please don't go leaving.

Stay only for this view,
Despite the things you knew
And although your cash flew.

For what good have we done
To observe this beauty?
In other worlds, it's gone,
Gone from earthly safety.
Cherish what's long ago,
Cherish before we go.
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