Monday, April 20, 2015

Sharing a Secret

Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 word count: 34,349

After publishing my previous post, instead of writing like I said in the post, I got distracted by a Russian-language version of an old movie. It made me so sleepy. It was already 3pm of Sunday by the time I woke up. Yikes!

Started to write. My mother asked the whole family to go on a movie marathon. She always asks us to watch movies.

We watched "Thor: The Dark World" and finished "Wild." "Wild" is actually awesome. It made us cry. It reminded me of all the most eye-opening people I ever met.

Got back to writing at 1am. Read the challenge for NaPoWriMo. Got totally bewildered with the challenge. Wrote a poem for the challenge. Got totally bewildered with my own poem. Wrote "10th Commandment." Wrote a replacement poem. Got depressed with the replacement poem. Wrote more of "10th Commandment." Wrote notes for a better poem. Wrote the better poem.

Now writing after listening to James Blunt. What else do I ever listen to ... Actually, last night, I was listening to Erik Santos, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, and Harry Gregson-Williams. After midnight, it was Josh Groban and Hans Zimmer. As of this moment, finished listening to Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman."

This Monday might be a manic day, more manic than if I had slept.

In "10th Commandment," I've been shaking things up a bit. Glad I still remember how to climb trees. Been years since I did that. One of my characters had to climb a tree to get away from animals that my villain had sent to eat him.

On Bubblews, I'll be reviewing "K-19: The Widowmaker."

Here's my response to the NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 19 challenge. We are to write a landay. It's a poem that originated from Afghanistan and created by Afghan women. It's usually created in secret and talks of things that most people keep secret.

I loved reading the article that the NaPoWriMo blog shared for the description of landays. It's like an extension from what I studied in HarvardX.

We studied Afghan poetry in HarvardX. We were studying the type of poetry that was used in Homer's works, and one of the similar types in modern times that we found was in Afghanistan. One memorable moment was when we were made to listen to a lament of an Afghan mother who had lost her son in war. I was crying, and I cried even more when one of my teachers also began to cry and walked out of the classroom. It's more affecting when someone superior also gets affected. So they just paused for a while, trying to bear with the pain that the song conveyed.

Some of the landays in the page that NaPoWriMo shared made me laugh, though. O the things that we think. Reminds me of those days back in Manila, inside a ladies' dormitory. The women would gather, and then they'd talk and snicker to each other. The funniest forms of man-bashing I've ever heard! XD And this woman who greeted me online once and we proceeded to talk about our lives and men, what they think we're thinking, and how wrong they are about what we're thinking haha

Even though the examples are all about war, because NaPoWriMo mentioned only the revelation of a secret, my poem only reveals an old secret in my writing: in all of the poems I ever wrote, when I write a whole poem that simply describes the beauty of Nature, I'm actually describing a man's face.

A Secret
As bright as a new leaf of freshness,
Like a clear day and I can see everything no less

When the sun illuminates corners,
Shades, and even the most shadowy holes of my verse,

Holes that give way to darkness of night,
When there is no moon, only stars that peer out of sight

Framing palace of humanity,
But also framing the fiery hell beneath, I see

The hell that I read in the thick books.
Whoever did evil to this lovely place, it cooks

And I can't bear to see anymore.
I'd rather stay here and listen to the old folklore

'Bout a little rose that lost color,
And waterfalls that bent for love, this I listen more

For from the peak of the thin mountain,
The mesmerizingly mystical hearts attain.
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