Friday, April 3, 2015

To Zeus

4,002 words of "10th Commandment 2" written for Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 April. 3,750 rice raised for FreeRice. Still no members on I.Q United.

I've been editing my novel from Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 April, "From the Human Chain." "From the Human Chain" is just a working title. I'll change the title once I publish it. It's about a group of hikers who fell off a giant tree. The story follows them as they contemplate on who to sacrifice just to let the others live, and as they discover who's really worth sacrificing for.

Among all of my NaNo novels, this is the only one that I finished within 50,000 words. After editing, it should be ready for publication.

This is the first time I'm editing a whole novel. ("An Unknown Narrator" is not a novel. It's shorter than a novel.) Editing it is pretty life-changing.

I was quietly laughing in front of my computer at 4am last week after discovering all the errors I've made in the first draft. You know, that moment when you finally read what you've written. And you're like, "Did I really say that?!" And, "It's so plain simple. How come I got that wrong?" Hahaha stupid XD

I've corrected as far as page 14 at this moment. It has around 60 pages.

Anyway, I wrote this poem to the optional prompt for NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 2. It's inspired by the Ursa Minor. Photo is mine. I'm putting the photo credit up here, instead of after the poem because it might be confused with the poem.

Most Dread Son of Kronos

I sing songs of the waves,
Of the whistling air,
Of humankind's deep graves,
And tall mountains of fair.
There's nowhere else to go,
Save the place where these grow.

To where they all began.
The one that started these.
You, who made him gone,
And they, who never miss.
Here's where we all came from,
Before the birth of rum.

Oh, where have I gone wrong?
Answer me with your song.
You of powerful words.

If gods wage war on gods,
Then how far less are we?
Like many tall, thin rods,
We may break when we see,
But we try, we do try
As the enemies cry.
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